It’s the backlash stupid

As tribute to his legislation which decriminalized homosexuality, the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s portrait hangs reverently in many gay establishments across Canada. Somehow, I doubt that he will ever have to share that spotlight with his current successor, the Right Honourable Paul Martin, even if same-sex marriage is codified under Martin’s watch.

For one thing, the unconcealable squeamishness on the faces of both Prime Minister Martin and Justice Minister Cotler, when compelled to speak about anything gay and lesbian, is hardly endearing. More important, as Bill C-38 approaches crucial second reading – and probable assent – gay and lesbian social welfare prelates have issued an orange alert warning about the likelihood of increased verbal and physical harassment against our community. What a sad and ironic legacy for today’s Parliament!

In our nationwide angst to be enlightened and inclusive, we have shamefully ignored the danger that over-the-top gay activism poses to gay culture. Self-annointed gay leaders have always been naively confident that ‘homophobia’ will disappear with massive education of the benighted. But such relentless indoctrination and forced affirmation cannot be achieved without severely compromising our freedoms. And since freedom always trumps diversity and tolerance, you can rest assured that any perceived threat to freedom will result in a societal backlash against all gays and lesbians.

Gay bashing, most often perpetrated by inebriated and fractious young males, is always inexcusable. Blaming it on religious conservatives, however, is thoroughly disingenuous. When scholarly debate and rational opposition are stifled, the argument is forced underground and frequently re-emerges in fanatical and perilous form. With respect to same-sex marriage, opponents are summarily mocked and marginalized, and proper research is given perfunctory consideration.

Since gay men are always the first to be purged in any sort of social upheaval, I have no time for the preciously pious types who are offended by my observations or who resort to infantile ad hominems. I’m passionate and undeterred in my efforts to save the spirit of gay culture and to preserve the freedoms we have gained over the past thirty years. Same-sex marriage threatens the liberty of gays and lesbians like nothing before in the modern era.

When media and politicians relentlessly spin same-sex marriage as a human rights issue, rather than a social value, or as a matter of equality, instead of parity, they insult the intelligence of Canadians. And when the gay lobby falsely claims that without access to marriage we are denied the benefits available to our straight counterparts, their lies impose serious danger upon all gays and lesbians. Indeed, every misrepresentation moves the hands of the backlash clock, which are already approaching midnight, several seconds closer.

Since the AIDS crisis of the 1980’s, gay activists have always been hostile toward mainstream religion. That’s one of the reasons there has never been a gay leader remotely close to the stature of Martin Luther King or Ghandi, both of whom were deeply spiritual. That’s also why, notwithstanding the lame protection clause given to churches in the same-sex marriage legislation, the gay lobby is eagerly ready to plant its stiletto heel firmly on the throats of the obstructive religious institutions. One of their specious justifications would be that since gender and racial equality exists in or out of church, therefore sexual orientation must receive the same consideration.

Truly, the most scandalous aspect of the current efforts to deconsruct marriage is that the petitioners for same-sex marriage and the judges who habitually rule in their favour are philisophically and socially incestuous. If one reads the depositions presented to the courts by the advocates, it becomes glaringly evident that the judges are making their decisions based on a sanitized, selective and tendentious view of gay life. It’s largely sentiment and camaraderie. Canada is about to uproot one of civilisations most time-honoured foundations and engage in radical social engineering, simply so that some peoples’ feelings won’t be hurt. When the judges hand down their rulings, they should include a paper advising how we gays and lesbians can best shield ourselves from the jeopardy to which they so unthinkingly expose us.

Since most peoples’ sense of history begins the day after they’re born, it’s hardly surprizing that scarcely anyone recognizes the social and cultural ramifications of ignoring the lessons of the past. Homosexuality has always existed and always repeats its cycle which ranges from repression to decadence. It flourishes openly and with decreasing moral opprobrium during peaceful, affluent and cosmopolitan times. Feeling ebullient and invincible, we soar to new heights of arrogant pride, embracing nihilism and casuistry as supreme virtues of enlightenment. Then we wonder what hit us as we crash and burn into a dark abyss of suppression and fear.

Is it futile for me to dream about participating in the first civilisation in history that finally breaks this ominous cycle, which sweeps gays and lesbians through such political and psychological extremes? To accomplish such, we first must ditch our maudlin victim and oppression mentality. Then we need to re-establish our leadership in the creative arts which, to our eternal shame, has taken a back seat to the bourgeois entitlement concerns of a microscopic minority. Also, we must be honest and apolitical about our unique health issues, which have not only decimated our own, but have burdened society as a whole.

Members of Parliament: consider this my impassioned – almost desperate – eleventh hour appeal to put an end to this April Fool’s joke called same-sex marriage, which falsely claims dignity and legitimacy by attaching itself to the worthy principles of compassion, equality and justice. Stop the backlash against gays and lesbians before it really takes hold. Politicians are well insulated, as they should be, from the anger of a frustrated and misled public. But who protects me as I stroll through the gay village?

Centuries ago, Plato cautioned that democracy would crumble and pave the way to dictatorship, because a foolish majority would turn liberty into license. Today, the backlash clock is ticking…and ticking…and ticking.

John McKellar
National Director, HOPE

April 20, 2005

John McKellar’s articles have appeared in The National Post and other publications.

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