It’s Not Just About Bishop Lahey

Bishop Raymond Lahey of Antigonish, who resigned last week after he agreed to a $13-million diocesan abuse settlement, is wanted on child pornography charges.

Police report that they discovered child pornography on the bishop’s laptop during a routine check at Ottawa’s airport on September 15. Bishop Lahey was released at that time, pending an investigation. An arrest warrant has now been issued, and law-enforcement officials are searching for the bishop.

Archbishop Anthony Mancini of Halifax, Nova Scotia’s leading prelate and now apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Antigonish, said that he had not known why Bishop Lahey had resigned and that he was “shocked, hurt because it impacts on me as a leader who was trying to do my job.”

“So, honestly, part of my concern is, is there anyone left that we can believe?” he said. “I think many will see this as something that will make the Church less credible than we are. It certainly reminds us all that if ever we thought that we had a perfect Church, we certainly don’t.” Archbishop Mancini, who says that he spoke recently with Bishop Lahey by cell phone, appealed to the bishop to surrender to police.

In announcing his resignation, shortly after approving the diocesan settlement with sex-abuse victims, Bishop Lahey had disclosed only that he would take “much-needed time for personal renewal.” He did not mention that he was subject to arrest. A spokesman for the Antigonish diocese acknowledged that there had been “a ton of speculation” about the real reasons for the sudden resignation.

Bishop Lahey, 69, was ordained Bishop of Saint George’s (Newfoundland) in 1986 and transferred to the Diocese of Antigonish in 2003. (Source)

Indeed, your Grace.

But The Rosarium has been asking the you and the rest of the Canadian bishops to clue in to what the real problem is for many years now.

We begged the bishops of Canada to repent and retract the Winnipeg Statement.  The bishops didn’t listen to us.  Instead, what do we hear about?  Reshuffling and appointment of communication directors.  Form instead of substance.

But God is not mocked and now we have the fruit of the Winnipeg Statement ripening.

The CCCB doesn’t need any more communication directors. It doesn’t need re-organizaton. It needs repentance.  It’s very simple.  Please don’t complicate things with more committees and sub-committees and other useless “accountability” bureaucracies which no doubt will be called for in the days to come.


We need you and the rest of the bishops to disabuse yourselves of the idea that the Church’s hierarchy had no part to play in the pornification of the culture these past 40 years.

Open your eyes so that you may open your hearts and REPENT!


It leads to the acceptance of pornography. According to New York Times Magazine’s cover story on May 18 called “Naked Capitalists: There’s No Business Like Porn Business”, pornography rakes in big bucks–with $10 billion to $14 billion in annual sales. The author of the article, Frank Rich, suggests that pornography is bigger than any of the major league sports, perhaps bigger than Hollywood. Porn is “no longer a sideshow to the mainstream…it is the mainstream,” he says. Which is why, disregarding for the moment the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies earn on contraceptives, the porn business has a lot to lose if contraception falls out of favour among the American public. The effects of pornography, of course, are well known as being a primary destroyer of family, marriages, and children, among many other adverse and tragic social consequences. Without contraception, there would be no pornography and no multi-billion dollar pornography industry. The laws recognized the connection between the two.The “actors” in the porn industry would not be able to function without contraceptive devices to ensure – or at least considerably minimize – the chances of pregnancy. This fact reveals much about the relationship between contraception and pornography. The fact that such an industry would rely so heavily on these devices for its very survival says more about how Westeners view sex than it does about the pornography industry itself. In other words, contraception is the sacramental of porn. Pornography could never exist without recourse to contraception. (Source)

Please, your Grace, do not patronize us with the notion that the bishops of this country have been faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and worthy brothers to the Holy Father in Rome. 

This isn’t just about Bishop Lahey to whom our prayers go out to for his repentence and rehabilitation.

This is about the culture of meaningless sex that the bishops of this country ushered in 40 years ago, and to this day have not had the decency to acknowledge, much less repent of.

We do not accept this negligence and delinquency. 

The filth is all around you. Just how much more humiliation will be necessary to overcome the wicked pride of the Episcopacy in this country? 

Accept with a full and open heart the teaching of the Church concerning sex. Have the courage to openly oppose or admonish any person – bishop or otherwise – who would fail to uphold this teaching, and be prepared to be a faithful witnesses in whatever way is necessary to prove your fidelity to the Gospel of Life.

For everyone out there in the blogosphere, if you want to stop this filth, pray, do penance, and sign this petition. (960 signatures have also been collected in paper-form which is not reflected in the online petition.)

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just About Bishop Lahey

  1. This news is disappointing. we need to pray for him and maybe there is an explaination about research or something and not for his use. My prayers are for him and that he will have some peace of mind now and freedom from this ugliness.

  2. I believe that the Church in Canada will continue to suffer until the Bishops recind the Winnipeg Statement.

    Yes, it will mean embarassment but better that than
    proceeding on to hell or a deep place in purgatory. “The Truth will set you free.”

    We, the people, are waiting for the right thing to be done by our Bishops so good works will bear bountious fruit.

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