It’s going to end, right?

I think many of us who are struggling for our basic right to free speech sometimes think that the good guys will eventually win.  That’s how it happens in the movies, right?  The bad guys are put away and all is made right again.  But that’s not necessarily how it plays out in real life.  While it’s certainly true that things eventually have a way of working themselves out, there’s no guarantee that it will happen within your lifetime. I’ll be turning 39 this year (holy crap I just realized I’m pushing 40!), but I very much doubt the struggle for the West will be won in my lifetime.  I have some doubts that even our struggle against the Star Chambers will be settled — at least at the rate our politicians get around to actually discussing, much less passing any kind of meaningful legislation.

We all better hunker down and realize that we’re in it for the long haul.  This is the early stage, but I must wonder out loud just how much Canadians will accept as they see their liberties being continually stripped away by foreign ideologies and a delusional and dangerous Leftwing.

I was telling a priest friend of mine at Sunday dinner that war and violence are indeed terrible things but living under the yoke of arbitrary, tyrannical kangaroo kourts and the commisars who administer them is far worse.

In previous times, people would die to defend their freedoms.

Every man dies but not every man lives. – Braveheart

One thought on “It’s going to end, right?

  1. This will only end when all concerned citizens choose to end it.

    This requires organization and that takes effort.

    If citizens elect liberal-minded politicians they will get liberal-minded Bills passed into LAW in Parliament, and the liberal judiciary will continue to use this liberal humanist logic in its judgements.

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