It’s Coercion, Choicers!

The Republican-controlled Assembly passed a bill meant to prevent coerced abortions on Tuesday, though it is unclear if it will change current state law…Under current Wisconsin law, a woman must give voluntary and informed consent before an abortion is performed. The bill would require a doctor to make sure the consent is indeed voluntary and not coerced, providing women with information on domestic abuse services if needed…”Anyone who coerces someone into an abortion absolutely needs to be held accountable,” Roessler said. Roessler said the legislation is needed to protect women from the financial or emotional abuse that could be used to force someone to undergo an abortion. Kelda Helen Roys, executive director for the abortion-rights group NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, said the bill does not put any new requirements on doctors and is unnecessary since consent is already legally required to perform an abortion. “This bill is a cynical attempt to score political points with those who want to criminalize abortion,” Roys said. The anti-abortion group Wisconsin Right to Life said in a statement the bill is needed to address the “growing problem of forced abortions.” According to WRL, The Medical Science Monitor found that in the United States, 64 percent of women who had an abortion in 2004 felt pressured into it. Roys said there is no evidence that coerced abortions are a growing problem and the best way to keep the number of abortions low is to keep abortion legal. (Source)

The ideologues in the abortion movement just can’t see how foolish they look.  And that’s a good thing for us pro-lifers.  Not only do they look cold and heartless which a good number of them are – not all of them, let’s face it, are invincibly deluded – but it shows their lack of coherency with their shrill and dogmatic stance on “choice”.

Pregnant women who are attacked and lose their “fetus” apparently don’t have any rights to have their “choice” respected. It was their CHOICE to carry the baby to term. As such, they should be accorded the full extent of the law in protecting their CHOICE.  But, for some strange reason, the “pro-choice” community is very nervous at protecting this particular CHOICE, because they were really never about CHOICE to begin with but rather about ABORTION AT ALL COSTS.  And how do we know this? Because the vast majority of them want nothing to do with women who CHOOOSE LIFE.  You see, for the pro-aborts, abortion is too much of a sacrament in their religion to give up…even if it means defending basic freedoms, security, and decency.

Looks good on them. All we have to do is keep bringing up this particular angle on the abortion controversy and their true motives become plain to see.

Abortion! Yes! Even if it tramples on “Choice”.   

A better noose could not have been fashioned.

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