It’s all about the Rubbers

The Canadian bishop charged with possession of child pornography will reappear in court tomorrow to seek a change in his bail conditions. Currently ordered to reside in a Trappist monastery in New Brunswick, Bishop Raymond Lahey will request permission to live in Ottawa instead.

The man who alleged in 1989 that he had seen pornography in Bishop Raymond Lahey’s rectory in 1985 told a Canadian newspaper yesterday that he also saw condoms there. The Globe and Mail reports:

“He was all these idealistic things you want in a father,” Mr. Earle said yesterday. “He would embrace the kids and he would embrace me. It felt good to be embraced.” But Mr. Earle said it became impossible to ignore the pornography and condoms he alleges he found in the rectory. He began to shun Bishop Lahey, he said, attempted suicide and ended up in a psychiatric ward.

The year after Mr. Earle– a victim of abuse at a Catholic orphanage– allegedly saw condoms and homosexual pornography at then-Msgr. Lahey’s rectory, Bishop Lahey was ordained Bishop of St. George’s (Newfoundland). He was transferred to the Diocese of Antigonish (Nova Scotia) in 2002, from which position he resigned last month.

Meanwhile, Bishop Lahey’s attorney insisted that the prelate was not missing but rather was in an undisclosed location known to him. (Source)

I just found out that neither COLF nor the CCCB has the bishops’ document, Liberating Potential, in booklet form for promotion or distribution. 

See folks?  It’s just talk, talk, talk. 

There’s no real, sustained action or pastoral care in promoting Humanae Vitae.

Socon or Bust readers: SIGN IT and let’s exorcise this thing once and for all!

Bishops:  RETRACT IT and let’s begin the process of repentance and renewal.

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