It’s Abortion and the Condoms, Stupid

For many nations, it’s already too late. As Romania and other Communist countries belatedly discovered, even a repressive dictatorship has a hard job coercing the populace into breeding once they’ve lost the habit. When I’ve mentioned the birth dearth in newspaper columns on abortion, pro-“choice” readers have insisted it’s due to other factors [editor’s interruption here – of course, the mysterious “other factors” to avoid having to deal with their easy sex lives] – the generally declining fertility rates that affect all materially prosperous societies, or the high taxes that make large families prohibitively expensive in materially prosperous societies. But this is a bit like arguing over which came first, the chicken or the egg – or, in this case, which came first, the lack of eggs or the scraggy old chicken necked women desperate for one designer baby at the age of 48. Whether or not Russia, Japan, and Europe’s fertility woes derive from abortion, what should be obvious is that the way abortion issue is posited-as an issue of personal choice – is in and of itself – symptomatic of the existential crisis of the dying West.” (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.189)

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