It Ain’t Over

Over the last little while, you may have noticed through various media reports and blog comments that the pro-aborts have become somewhat restless with the abortion wars.  They know that time is not on their side. They understand how the social pendulum works.  They want the abortion question to be settled.  In fact, that’s what they’ve been saying for some time now.  Some of their leading propagandists have been informing Canadians not to worry, that indeed the abortion question is settled.   

Even though their Abortion Messiah has come to power in the U.S. and they have an apparent lock up here in the Great Barren North, and despite the political winds blowing their way almost everywhere, they are becoming more and more uptight that the pro-life movement seems to still be gaining ground and carrying the momentum in the culture at large.  Worse still, the tenacity and courage of pro-lifers throughout North America is making them very nervous, especially when basic civil rights are being trampled on by fanatical pro-abort government organs.   They know that once they strap on the State’s Jackboot to squash what is clearly becoming the greatest civil rights movement of all time, their veneer of “rights” and “freedom” is going to go up in smoke, and along with it, their hold on power.  Nobody likes a bully or a boor, but that is what the pro-aborts are being shown to be. In fact, it’s really only exposing what’s really hidden on the inside.

They want us to go away, but they just don’t understand how a cause which appears to be politically dead can still attract substantial support.  And worse than that, the public relations nightmare of squashing freedom of expression in opposing them is something that looks really bad. Really bad.  And really good for us.

As long as unborn children are being ripped apart, and their silent screams go unheard, we’ll be here opposing their barbarity and witnessing to the dignity of every human life.  So let them do what they will.

They can throw us into jail.

They can slapsuit us.

They can drown out free speech.

They can deny us space.

They can viciously attack us.

But whatever they do, they need to understand this very clearly:

It ain’t ova’.

One thought on “It Ain’t Over

  1. This is alittle off-topic, but there is an interesting phenomenom occuring in our neighbor to the south right now. It is fast becoming the UNTIED STATES

    E Unum Pluribus
    (From “The One” – Many)

    Example from Washington State:

    This should disrupt the efficacy of “the One’s” directives, orders, and proclamations against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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