Islam: religion of peace and tolerance? Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we looked at the case of some Christians in Dearborn, Michigan, whose rights were suppressed by Muslims.

It turns out that those Christians were eventually arrested for causing a “disturbance”.  I guess the American Dream is fading fast when you can’t preach the Gospel on public property.  Fortunately for these Christians, the Thomas More Law Centre, a non-profit law firm dedicated to the defense and promotion of the religious freedom of Christians, has offered to defend them.  Here’s the latest development.

The mayor of Dearborn, John B. O’Reilly Jr, did a surprising thing by making public statements about this open case.  Here’s what the Thomas More Law Centre reports:

ANN ARBOR, MI – In an unprecedented and astonishing development, the City of Dearborn, through its mayor and its official website, has personally attacked the four Christian missionaries arrested at the annual Arab International Festival on June 18, 2010.  The Mayor’s intrusion into the case destroyed whatever semblance remained of an unbiased and professional law enforcement action following the illegal seizure of video cameras to prevent recording of the events surrounding the arrests. (Source)

Please pray for our persecuted Christian brethren.

Americans need to speak out against this or one day they’ll wake up as slaves.

2 thoughts on “Islam: religion of peace and tolerance? Part 3

  1. If Americans don’t speak out against government Institutionalized atheism through the courts, schools and the culture war raging for the soul of Western Civilization they could loose their right to speak, or write publicly about the scientific health risks of legalizing unhealthy behavior. Dr. Chris Kempling is driving a truck to support his family now, because he spoke out against teaching scientifically proven unhealthy lifestyles to youth as healthy alternatives . This truth and caring for Canada’s youth cost him his profession. Talk about persecution. By the way Dr. Chris Kempling is a Catholic. One thing going for the Americans is more of them are involved in this Culture War. If we don’t get involved in politics and the Culture War in Canada then elect good people in large numbers to our Legislatures, and Parliament where our counties laws are made this persecution will continue.

  2. This so-called religion of peace is building a Mosque at Ground Zero New York, to celebrate their worldview there. Shame on Obama and the American government. They ought to build their Mosque elsewhere instead of re-opening the wounds of the families who’s loved ones perished. Their was a huge demonstration against building a mosque at the site by the ones who lost loved ones, but the popular media did not inform the public about it.

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