Is it time to quit or join the Catholic Church?

…Thanks to Barack Obama, who is for conservatives a gift that keeps on giving, the liberals are doffing the genial mask they donned in the days of Bill Clinton and revealing themselves as what they are. And, instead of seeking to subvert Roman Catholicism from within in the manner of Mario Cuomo and Ted Kennedy, as they have been doing with great success for half a century, they are attacking it head on, forcing the American church to return to its fundamental principles, and inducing non-members sympathetic to its understanding of human sexuality to think about joining…(Source)

The Catholic Church has been sleeping for the past 40 years, getting fat and lazy, and becoming too damn cozy with the State to the point where we were becoming the department of social justice within the government.  Obama has changed all that.  He is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. He very well might be the single most important cause for the resurgence of the Catholic Church.  For that, we all must be very grateful.

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