Iron Man Sexed Up

I read a review of the new Iron Man flick hitting the theatres this month.

Something maybe you can take your older kids too? Not quite.  Like most everything Hollywood puts out these days, it’s pretty corrupt.  Now even the Superheroes have to have gratuitous sex….

“When we meet Tony Stark, he’s at the height of his arrogance, about to unleash a new war-on-terror weapon called Jericho (basically a guided missile that launches a whole mess of guided missiles), swilling scotch at public functions and entertaining the attention of an investigative reporter (Leslie Bibb) who both detests him and has angry sex with him.”  (Jim Slotek, Ottawa Sun, p.24, May 1)

Small miracles. At least Leslie isn’t male – although I’m sure that’s coming soon to a theatre near you too.

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