One thought on “Irish State Now Has Excuse to Attack Catholic Church

  1. “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21).
    Ireland is talking about putting priests in Jail for keeping the seal of Confession and while this is very clearly a bad thing I can’t help thinking that at last maybe perhaps we might start to get it – that no matter how much you snuggle up to powers and principalities, they will throw you to the wolves when it suits them.Our culture, our civilisation has said “no” to the family and folks don’t even know it’s happening. Secular Europe has pretty much finished the task of destroying the family and we all sat there in a daze.
    The values that have survived in Ireland and Europe are but the remnants based on the remains of our Christian heritage.
    The Irish PM presents moral reason in terms of the maximization of choice and pleasure and minimization of pain. Of eliminating any exterior code. This, of course, is simply elaborate verbiage meant to convince people that only those with the “right” credentials, i.e. politicians, are able to judge and rank various pleasures, rights and “freedoms”, and hence determine how society might best achieve the greatest “happiness”.
    Most of the Irish recoiled from joining the EU, but a concerted blitz of propaganda and political pressure persuaded them. A short period of prosperity, fairly foreign to Irish experience, confirmed them. Now a smooth tongued politician takes them onto the next step, embracing the new nihilism.
    Of course, one cannot absolve too many of the Irish clergy, and hierarchy, riddled with corruption, from being a key factor in the whole sad, sorry mess in Ireland. However, they have been not the faith, but its betrayers, because they too were caught the infection of relativism “freedom” and “choice”.
    Ironically, the idea that we should move beyond our traditional moral norms was first put forth explicitly by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who argued that the real implications of atheism were a world without good and evil, based solely on the will to power or “choice”. He spoke of the launching of the “greatest decisive war in history” where “we shall have convulsions on the earth such as have never been seen,” announcing that “the old god is abolished, and that I myself will henceforth rule the world”. Nietzsche was also the philosopher which German Nazis revered most.
    The absence of consensus on the true nature of God and, consequently of man, leads to a gradual erosion of human rights and the emergence of an all-encompassing paternalistic state. This is what Ireland is witnessing today.
    When they awake they`ll have lost the war, and they won`t have even realized it was happening!

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