2 thoughts on “Irish Bishops’ Conference voter guide ignores life, marriage, and euthanasia

  1. If only bishops and priests realized that people are hungry for Catholicism. Real teaching of the Truth. I am upset that the priest in my parish is equivocal and careful that no one is excluded or offended. It’s sickening. Yes. Lord, please help us.

  2. One has to remember that only in 1962 The Supreme Court Of The United States declared,The School Lord’s Prayer unconstitutional, and the worldview or religion of Secularism constitutional. All of Western Government, Law, Education and public politically followed suit taking The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments out of Government, Law,and Education, thus making so-called neutral Secularism with it’s morality and justice the State sanctioned worldview religion of Western Civilization. A Church that does not politically object to this is a Secular Church. This ought to be common sense.

    In 1968 “no -fault divorce” came into vogue putting a drain on the Western economies, and fracturing families. Where one household per family existed there were now two or more. Then came Abortion on demand, and homosexuality normalized by activist school teachers, judges and politicians, to innocent, impressionable children with it’s driving force Kinsey Sex Education, taught to them as a legalized so-called human right. Then euthanasia. Killing those who are considered a worthless drain on money allotted for Medical Professionals. Greed has made it very hard on Western young people starting out today, without any Legislation to protect them. Outsiders with money who are classified A, can buy Canadian homes while our youth classified Z, are ignored, and indoctrinated with the morality of Kinsey Sex Education ,as a legalized so-called human right.

    Murder is wrong not simply because you object to it, but because it violates the Moral Law,The Ten Commandments.
    All moral positions impose values. Even the moral position that says you should not impose values on others does just that,it imposes values on others. For if we are not to restrain people legally from doing wrong, then we impose on others the effects of the wrong doing, as a so-called legal human right.

    In the case of abortion ,the effects are felt the baby who ought to be safe in the warmth of her mothers womb, in some cases by the father even though most consciences are seared by school Kinsey Sex Education, and the effects are also felt by the mother who is often mislead and coerced by so-called Planned Parenthood, or the so-called S O W -Status Of Women etc., and must suffer the emotional and physical scars for the rest of her life. The effects are also felt by innocent people who are victims of crime spawned by our so-called neutral secular nation’s blatant political indifference, apathy ,and disrespect for human life.

    Will our good righteous people politically organize to change this?

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