International Day for the Unborn: March 25

Friday March 25thPrayer Vigil for the Unborn 


Come and pray with us at the abortuary (65 Bank St. in Ottawa) on Friday March 25th, 2011, the Feast of the Annunciation and also the International Day for the Unborn Child (see also Argentina, and other locations, and HERE). We invite each parish and church group to provide a prayerful presence for one hour (or more) during that day (between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm) … visit:

This is an opportunity for a Lenten sacrifice that will help us grow closer to God by experiencing the mystery of His Cross. By denying ourselves comfort, we will better find out what Calvary is like. Praying for the unborn in this public way will also help us to clearly realize Christ’s personal love for each one of us, and know the joy of having responded to His call. In doing this, we also learn to pray, offer penances, abandon the  results of our labours to God, and recognize that it is God’s power and  love which will overcome the evil of abortion and soften the hearts of  those who participate. For more details, email:

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