International Business and the CHRC

Got this from a signer to my petition…

Dear John,

There are International agreements, such as the Copyright Agreements and those with Unions, such as the Musicians Union. There are others, and I wonder how and if what Canada’s Human Rights Commission adjudicates may apply. Can an International Law attorney specializing in these areas inform the rest of us? What about broadcasting? Shouldn’t the ministry of External Affairs, or the Foreign Minister be consulted on this business? Or the Ministry of Commerce? This directly can impose on revenues and agreements and treaties. And they are pushing for the SPP , or Security and Protection Agreement for a North American Union? Possibly, I missed something, but can’t Mark file a counter-complaint? Or sue in the Courts? What needs to be done is to flood the print press with articles that expose the Truth about Islam and re-enforce Mark’s ideas. They can’t sue everyone. Also, can you create a petition for Americans and other non-Canadians? I don’t think, this email should necessarily be published, but I do think, these are questions that have to be addressed by a lawyer. Thank you for all you are doing.

The jackboot actions of the the CHRC are like an onion: once you start to unravel freedom of speech, then everything else our civilization depends on for proper functioning starts to unravel too.  The Left is like a parasite on us: sucking everything down with them until it’s too damn late to do anything about it.  One does not need a conventional war to be destroyed by an enemy. Simply assign that task to a strong Leftist constituency and not a single bullet need be fired.  Just like the Jews of the Old Testament becoming morally corrupt, we haven’t learned our lesson.  And since the Left doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that particular history because it’s in “da bible”, dhimmitude is our future. Islamic Babylon here we come.

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