Internal docs: Ottawa Catholic school board knew students were going to campaign for Obama

Story here.

Just pull the plug on the thing and let’s all stop pretending we have a Catholic school system, OK?

Many years ago, I remember my friend telling me he was going to send his eldest to the local public high school instead of the local Catholic high school.  He reasoned very well:  at least he won’t be confused.  Bingo.  No point in letting the shamans in the school system butcher the Catholic Faith and completely distort it.

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5 thoughts on “Internal docs: Ottawa Catholic school board knew students were going to campaign for Obama

  1. You know, John, based on this story, the pro-Obama teacher was very transparent, honest and upfront about his plans. He was very explicit with his superiors, the students and the parents. Give him credit for that. Yet, no red flags went up with any of these groups, which tells us just how deeply screwed the whole system is. Makes you wanna nuke whole thing and start over from scratch.

    • Excellent point about the absence of red flags, squeaker. The system has lost its way, “the emperor has no clothes!” Add to this another disease, so to speak, that is epidemic in our entire culture, and that is the widespread reluctance for anyone in authority to hold anyone accountable. Rarely does anyone ever get fired from their job these days for incompetence, am I right? As a thought experiment, let’s bend over backwards to try to understand the principal’s actions. If the principal did have a red flag in her mind, what was she supposed to do? The teacher is apparently very likable and popular amongst the customers. If she tries to put a stop to it she knows the union would back the teacher 100%, and the customers and their parents would be very upset with her. So she decides to not say anything and hope that it slips under the radar. Unfortunately for her, there is one parent who is actually astute and complains, and LifesiteNews exposes the whole thing. Then she makes a big mistake and pleads ignorance. The truth always comes out, however, and now she is caught in a lie. In order to make things right, she needs to own up now and make a public apology and possibly even resign. Do I think this will happen? No. And the superintendent and trustees will not fire her. See, faithful, astute Catholics are very few in number when it comes to things like this. The powers that be in the school system don’t really care that a small minority of faithful Catholics don’t agree with them. What matters to them is that the system continues. Jobs, money, and pensions. That’s what they care about. Not the unborn, and certainly not the eternal destiny of souls. When Obama was first elected, ‘Catholic’ schools gathered the customers in assemblies to watch the inauguration festivities. I was at a school when this was happening. They were giddy. Never was there such an anti-Catholic and pro abortion president elected, but in our Catholic schools they were rejoicing! Please God, we beg for a miracle of conversion in the powers that be in the school system and in the students and in their parents. Or, please God, take away the funding and break the OECTA union, and we will start over from scratch. Amen.

      I applaud LifesiteNews for exposing the school system for what it has become. The truth will set people free. If the trustees, superintendents, principals, and teachers are smart, they will do everything they can now to repent and by the grace of God get on track with the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  2. Father Hannon is largely correct. There are committed Catholic teachers in almost every school but they are a minority. Many teachers obtained a letter from a local parish in order to get the job but that is virtually the last time they ever graced the doors of a church – except as part of their job (e.g. school mass, graduation ceremony, etc.). And in this regard parish priests must own some of the blame. And of the few teachers who are regular church-goers, many are dissenters on Church teaching, in the usual areas. The orthodox Catholic teacher is the rarity and often feels alone, opposed, and working against impossible odds.

    It is even worse with the student body. In any Catholic high school well over 9 in 10 kids do not go to church (unless the school has a sizable immigrant Catholic population, then it may be somewhat better). Most never did (following the non-practice of their parents) while others eventually refused to attend with their parents. This explains that strange irony, an expanding Catholic school population, a shrinking church-going population. Schools opening, churches closing. Did Christ come and found a school system?

    So you have non-practicing (read, “mostly non-believing”) Catholic parents sending their non-practicing children to be taught by largely non-practicing teachers. And then you wonder why the schools are enthused by the secular cultural fads (environmentalism, multiculturalism, homosexualism, etc.) rather than the faith. That is because the secular culture is their magisterium.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Father Anthony that the publicly funded system is lost to us as Catholics (it’s even worse than that — the OECTA run system is actually a hotbed of heretical formations for young teachers, including links with St. Paul’s university in Ottawa). That said, I would caution against the language of ‘squeaker’ about nuking the system or even urging that the principal resign or be fired. What’s really needed is for the bishops to step in and disavow OECTA’s mandate to run courses ‘Religious Education I and II’ for the supposed formation and accreditation of ‘Catholic’ teachers; and to remove the term ‘Catholic’ from schools run by teachers who subscribe to OECTA values. Their courses have long since abandoned the true Catholic faith, treating Karl Marx as a saint, and Martin Luther as a better catholic than recent popes. As father Garrigou-Lagrange put it as long as 75 years ago, Luther’s emphasis on a lateralized faith amounts to a revised gospel of social action over and above a gospel founded on love of God. This was because Luther believed that sin is never utterly wiped out by God (he never really forgave himself, you see), so he discounted the deep spiritual effects of sacramental life. Ironicaly this produces a wrongheaded notion of justice, so much so that like any socialist, peace is seen impossible without exacting ‘justic’ on the human level. Accordingly today, Catholic schooling and teacher formation completely devalues the central role of sacraments and sacramental faith. Theirs is basically the view that if you do enough ‘good’ (essentially socialist-approved) works, your balance sheet of merit-recognitions by the LGBT or GreenPeace and UN bodies of this world may just offset any ‘unforgivable’ peccadillos such as lying about the goals of a class outing. Let parents send their unfortunate children to such schools to be spiritually starved, if they insist. But they should no longer be called ‘Catholic’ and we need to start again seeking tax support for genuine confessional schools.

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