Inspiration of the Bible

A short exchange on the inspiration of the bible and other issues. The questioner’s comments are in purple. Art responds in blue.

You are exactly right when you said that I can’t prove the Bible is inspired by quoting from the Bible itself. I understand the point your trying to make and my answer to this question that failed you is this. I can’t prove to you that the Bible is inspired without quoting the Bible so…….the only way it can be proven to you is by the Holy Spirit convicting you.

That is no proof at all. It is merely an unfounded opinion based upon a subjective feeling. It is a cop out and a refusal to deal with the real issues. The honest answer to the question of why she believes in the inspiration of Scripture is that the Catholic Church taught it from the earliest of times and that her Protestant forbears received the teaching from the Catholic Church. Because the prots are embarrassed to admit this they jump through hoops trying to deny the truth and replace it with self serving lies. The Scriptures are NOT self authenticating. They were discerned by the Catholic Church which promulgated their inerrancy and inspiration. It is these doctrines which the prots selectively accepted when they apostasized from Historic Christianity. The fact that these doctrines were discerned in the same way as other Catholic doctrines which the prots did not want to believe is rarely admitted by them. This is the major inconsistency which lies at the heart of the protestant fraud. In order to accept some doctrines and reject others, one must have the authority to do so. Such an authority is necessary in order to interpret revelation correctly. The prots though deny any authority to anyone. They act as if doctrines can be discerned by the mere application of secular grammar and vocabulary to the sacred text. This is a naive approach at best and frankly irrational. This is why there are over 25,000 different protestant cults throughout the world who all differ in their beliefs.

That is what happened to me. I wasn’t saved and didn’t understand the Bible, I questioned what was right and what was wrong. I wasn’t sure I was really saved because how do I know that the people who interpreted the Bible did it correctly. But I prayed about it Frank and the Lord revealed His word to me in a different light and I believe. I guess that is the only way I can explain it.

Now this is a different kettle of fish. We in apologetics sometimes forget that most people are not called to our level of understanding but rather are called to be simple people in the pew. The type of experience presented here is like that. She encountered the Word of God in Scripture and it moved her heart. She then sought some guidance but unfortunately came under the sway of false teaching. She does not understand what her experience really meant. We need to recognize that there is genuine nascent faith here that needs to be nurtured and treated gently. We must try to lead this person out of error and into the light of Christ and his Church.

I went through a really stressful time thinking oh my, it says to keep the Sabbath day holy and I haven’t because back then the Sabbath day was Saturday, the 7th day. Then I read further and saw what Jesus said and that was the Sabbath day is the day you make it. Jesus wants everyday to be a Sabbath Day.

Whoa! Let’s have a scripture reference for that, please. Jesus said no such thing. He himself kept the Sabbath perfectly. His disagreements with the Pharisees was whether or not one was permitted to do GOOD on the Sabbath. Our Lord NEVER abolished the Sabbath or counseled that it be abolished.

To have that relationship with Him. Not just one day and then live your life the way you want. Boy, I was a wreck until I found His answer. I prayed about it and He answered. Please don’t knock this because it is a special time in my life, one of many that the Lord has worked in me.

I won’t knock it, but I will disagree with some of the explanations that she presents here. It is important to remember that we are to make every day holy to the Lord, not just one a week. But that does not mean that we are not obliged to keep the Commandment to “Keep Holy the Lord’s Day” in a special way. The Christian Church selected Sunday as the new day of worship for itself because that is the day that Our Lord and Savior rose from the dead. It is also the both the 1st day and the 8th day of the seven day week which means that it is the first day of a new creation.

There are some things that we will never know the answer too. We aren’t on the level of God. There are some things we aren’t to know. To believe without seeing. Remember doubting Thomas. He had to see the holes in his hands to believe. I pray that you believe and I will pray for you. Everyone needs prayer even I do, so pray for me also.

But we are called not to be fools who believe rash fables and myths also. Belief without physically seeing something does not mean for us to be credulous or undiscerning. It is always interesting that prots often retreat to such anti-intellectualism when they feel that they have no good arguments for their position. While we must never be deceived into thinking that our faith is based upon reason instead of upon the grace of God, we must also remember that faith does not stand on its own without rational support. The motto of the scholastics was “fides quarens intellectum” (faith seeking understanding). We believe first and then try to understand what we believe. It is spiritually immature to remain a pure fideist and is contrary to the biblical worldview. As St Peter (the first Pope) said:

But even if you do suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts reverence Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence…(1 Pet 3:14-15)

This should be the marching order of the Catholic apologist. It should also call everyone who wishes to discuss the faith to go beyond mere fideistic assertions to a true reasoned defense of what we believe.

Art Sippo
The Catholic Legate

January 23, 2000

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