Inside scoop on Catholic Board’s handling of “gay rights” project

We certainly can’t read the thoughts and minds of the members of the Ottawa Catholic School Board, but we can read their internal emails :mrgreen:

Our friends at the Catholic Intelligence blog used the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to internal emails from the school board. It ain’t a pretty picture. The Board was clearly distressed about the media coverage.

I was very disheartened at this finding:

There were NO emails discussing what was best for the children, or what the Church teaches. Virtually all emails were media-centric.

Read the details over there.

If you care about Catholic education, you should bookmark the Catholic Intelligence blog and check back regularly. They’re always uncovering new stuff. 

One thought on “Inside scoop on Catholic Board’s handling of “gay rights” project

  1. When Canada and Western Civilization were Christian in Government,Law and Education children started every school morning with the Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers. Now Catholic School Boards normalize homosexuality like so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan School Boards. Is there any decent Bishop or Priest left that this is now considered normal education?

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