Infidelity of the bishops is why we’re at this point

Remember what I said here, a few posts ago?

What has really caught my attention over the past several weeks has been Obama’s attack on the Catholic Church by forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraceptives.  I am absolutely shocked that an issue Socon or Bust has been hammering on for the past 6 years could very well be a defining issue in the upcoming U.S. elections.  It’s great to see that our bishops are finally waking up to the fact that Obama is not the messiah they thought he was, but c’mon, let’s get serious.  40 years of massive negligence in refusing to preach against contraception has consequences.  Now, it’s too little, too late.  And while most pundits are framing this is as principally an issue of religious freedom, they are wrong.  Religious freedom is the secondary issue. Contraception is the principal issue in this debate.  Immorality leads to slavery and loss of freedom.  Are we, as Catholics, so ignorant of biblical history that we refuse to acknowledge what is right before our eyes?  Our sodomy (what contraception effectively is) and our leaders acquiescence to that sodomy is what is leading us away from the promised land and into the Babylon captivity.  This is not an attack against “freedom”. This is an attack on the Catholic faith and the truth of human sexuality.  Debates on religious freedom while good and salutary are not what is going to turn this around.  What is going to turn this around is convincing people that contraception is indeed immoral. Period.  Because that is what is at the substance of this debate.   If people don’t believe something is immoral, then it’s going to be hard convincing them that Obama’s move is that big of a deal.  Sorry but forcing someone to provide “health care” doesn’t get people too worked up.  Here is a wonderful opportunity to preach the gospel of Life.  Let’s find out if the bishops are going to step up this time and stop passing the buck.

Michael Voris says the same thing in this video.

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