Infanticide from Abortion

Jody Ann Lee stood in the prisoner’s box and pleaded guilty to one count of infanticide and one count of neglecting to obtain assistance in childbirth. She’ll be sentenced Jan. 9 in Barrie Superior Court of Justice. No facts were submitted yesterday, but during a preliminary hearing held last year, court heard the bizarre story of how the dead baby was discovered three days after Lee gave birth to its twin brother on Nov. 2, 2005. Lee, an educational assistant for the Simcoe County Board of Education, insisted to doctors that she could not be pregnant and had never had sex, even as doctors rushed her off for an emergency C-section. It was only after the birth of her healthy baby boy that doctors noticed the placenta had two umbilical cords and two embryo sacks instead of one. Somewhere, another baby had recently been born. The CAS was quickly called and the question was put to Lee: “Where’s the other baby?” But Lee insisted there was no other baby. While in the hospital, nurses noticed how she referred to her baby boy as “it” and never asked to see the infant. Lee’s boyfriend, Mark Eccelston, shocked and bewildered to learn he was suddenly a father, rushed to his girlfriend’s bedside to hold her hand. Although he had been a little concerned about Lee’s recent weight gain, she had always had a weight problem and so he had believed her when she said she was not pregnant. To his horror, three days later, investigators found the other baby, which had been hidden in the trunk of Lee’s car. It was a full-term baby girl, tied up in two plastic Wal-Mart bags. In previous court proceedings, a pathologist testified that the baby was born alive and healthy and died of asphyxiation. While it is unusual for baby twins to be born three days apart, it can happen, but it would be impossible for the mother not to know that she had just given birth to the first baby, court heard. Lee was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and later released on $10,000 bail to live with her mother. But yesterday the charge was reduced to infanticide, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Outside of court yesterday, the father, visibly upset, said he was unable to comment because of the ongoing custody battle with Lee over the surviving baby. Those proceedings are under a publication ban because of CAS involvement. “We are glad she pleaded guilty, but we think it should have been to murder,” said the baby’s grandfather, Allen Eccleston, outside of court. “She gave birth to my granddaughter and did everything she could to hide it. To me, that is murder.” He said the surviving baby, now three-years old is healthy and happy and living with the father. The family is expected to read victim impact statements in court next month where they will be given the opportunity to tell the judge how it has affected their lives. (Source)

Yes, it’s murder. It’s also abortion. And abortion is legal. Like infanticide is going to be legal. 

Why is this a surprise?  C’mon, get real.

2 thoughts on “Infanticide from Abortion

  1. Our judiciary has legalized murder by calling it abortion, euthanasia, and our society also teaches Darwinian Humanist Atheism and Kinsey sex education in the academy as science. No wonder we have murder without guilt and sex without meaning. We are all taught how to think in the academy. Canada has turned into a Godless Pagan country.
    Where do we go from here?

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