Incredible Story of Love

If this isn’t an abortion smackdown, I don’t know what is.

Makes you feel great about being pro-life. On the other hand, what’s a pro-abort to think of this story? Probably something about vagina rights or some such thing.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Story of Love

  1. Thank you
    for this posting John!.

    What a beautiful post to read on Fathers Day, and what truly loving parents following in the footsteps of God and how He loves instill in their children.
    Happy Fathers Day God Our Heavenly Father Who Fathers all the children whose fathers from their families of origin were too broken to properly father their children.

    It was when I hear God the Father, my One and True Daddy tell me He loves me Just the way I am after my fire, I truly experienced love, REAL LOVE,
    and it is STILL that same Love from The Blessed One and Only Holy Trinity of God the Father Jesus the Christ and The Holy Spirit and through His and ours( via our ancestry as Catholics), Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary Mother Mary, that I am able to know True freedom of the past one step at a time and the great gifts of Grace to forgive and experience His Healing.

  2. What’s a pro-abort to think of this story? If not seen within the context of this blog, abortion probably wouldn’t even come to mind. But seeing it with a caption referring to women’s rights derogatorily as “vagina rights”, one might think the poster is rather juvenile and vulgar. Blogs like this are useful for keeping reasonable people far away from social conservatism.

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