In-Vitro Fallout: Donor IVF Teen Says “I Wish I Had Never Been Born”

‘I would like to be a mother one day so I can finally have someone I’m genetically related to, but if I can’t have children naturally I would never have one through donor conception,’ says Gracie. ‘I wouldn’t put anybody else through what I’ve  been through. (Source)

After the “me” generation is gone, what will our culture look like?  Dear Lord, just make this nightmare end sooner rather than later.  That’s all I ask.

Future generations will look back and condemn this one. They might even create a monument of “how not to do society”.

We’re the most technologically “connected” society in history, and yet the most jaded and separated one too…where it counts…in the family.

That’s the problem when you reject God. Everything starts to fall apart.

Note to all single women who think they don’t need a man:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “RIGHT” TO A CHILD.  That’s the problem when we start commodifying human life.

And you can thank contraception for starting it, too.  Hello Winnipeg Statement!

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