In it to educate and to win…

Family Coalition Party Candidate Running to Bring Pro-Life Message to the People

Large Campaign Signs will Feature Photo of Unborn Child


By John-Henry WestenOTTAWA, August 23, 2007 ( – As the October 10 Ontario provincial election approaches, candidates from various parties are readying themselves to embark on their campaigns.  One such candidate in the riding of Ottawa West Nepean is John Pacheco, the organizer of the huge Parliament Hill rally for traditional marriage in 2005.Pacheco is running for the Family Coalition Party, the only provincial party which is 100% pro-life and pro-family.  A competent professional in the world of finance and happily married father of four children, Pacheco has no illusions of gaining a large number of votes in the riding.

“I’m not going to win this election that’s for sure,” he told in an interview today. However, he stated, “if elected I will certainly take my responsibilities seriously but I am under no illusions. We have to take the means legally available to us to get out the pro-life message.”

For him, the main purpose of running is to raise the pro-life issue in the public sphere while he campaigns as a legitimate political candidate.  An “educational campaign for life,” is how he characterizes it.

That campaign will be very clear and visible come September 10, the official launch of campaigning in Ontario.  Pacheco has developed signs he plans to use for the election which are basically large pro-life ads.  Those signs will blanket the riding if Pacheco can raise the funds he needs and secure the volunteers required to put up the signs.

“We’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity that we can to promote the pro-life cause,” Pacheco told He explained that political contributions up to the first $336 are 75% tax refundable.  Thus, he says its “government funded advertising for the pro-life cause”, just as the other parties use their funds to promote their very specific main agenda items.Donations cannot be made to individual candidates until September 10, however donations to the Party may be made anytime.To contact John Pacheco about supporting his campaign:



Regarding the above “I’m not going to win that’s for sure” comment above, I was a tad hasty in my interview on that point. It was a misstatement on my part, and I apologize for making it. What I did communicate in the interview was that I had to be realistic about my chances, and that, failing to win the seat does not mean it will be a wasted effort on my part or a wasted vote by any resident of Ottawa West Nepean.  The pro-life, pro-family vote is important to cast to send a message to the political establishment.  It is also an investment for the future in the conservative movement in this province and in this country.

Rest assured, I will do everything within my means and capability to run a legitimate campaign.  I’m working on my webpage (which will be featured on this blog) to provide voters of Ottawa West Nepean with a comprehensive look at my policy positions on a whole range of issues from the sanctity of the family to education to health care to crime.  I already have pledges rolling in; I’m putting together the signs, radio ads, YouTube presentations, brochures, and the kitchen sink.

If the voters of Ottawa West Nepean decide on October 10 to elect yours truly as their next MPP, I will graciously accept their judgement and do my best to represent them to the best of my abilities.

Let’s get it on.

2 thoughts on “In it to educate and to win…

  1. We enter the fight to win. In a democracy the citizens get the government they deserve. If our brothers and sisters let us get slaughtered at the polls we must not get angry with them. When they understand that we are trying to make this country a safer place for them and their children we will win. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Social Conservatives ought not to fight during an election thus dividing their vote and shooting themselves in the foot. We can disagree with grace on non-essentials and remain united. Our politically correct and morally relativistic voting citizens are in a mental fog concerning politics and policies and laws elected governments make that they and their children have to live with. But they can be educated with facts they can look up posted only on our web sites. The popular media censors the social conservative perspective. We don’t lie to the public and eventually they may see it for themselves.

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