One thought on “In heaven, all children are welcome…especially unborn babies

  1. First Abortion, then morbid Sodomy was legalized in Canada, thus homosexual marriage came into vogue, as a legalized human right. The Canadian Human Rights Act considers these legalized behaviors to be human rights. This was the plan all along of homosexual activists, their political, legal, dare I include clergy friends, and the C B C and Western Media Moguls. These extremely unhealthy lifestyles are normalized in Canada to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren as human rights and social justices, by adult teachers and homosexual activists. Their degenerative argument goes some Kindergarteners may be born homosexual ,so then Canadians ought to nurture the rest in schools ,as a human right to believe this to be normal behavior also. This is how Canada is indoctrinating schoolchildren,and thus society.

    Now elected politicians are raising the flag of Sodom and Gomorrah over City Halls. The democratic voting public should be outraged at this, don’t you think?

    Political Apathy and Indifference on this issue is diabolical ,my fellow Canadians. “Leave the children alone”,and stop indoctrinating them into believing sodomy and murdering babies in the warmth of mothers wombs is normal behavior. Secular Democratic Canada ought to convert back to Christian Canada in government, law and education,as it was during two World Wars. Stuff was getting better instead of worse. This political sickness can only be changed by a vigilant righteous voting public.

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