In Defense of the Queen Mother

Sometimes, I get the itch to return to the good old days of Apologetics. Got into it on the topic of the Blessed Mother with a “Bible Christian” acquaintance on Facebook. Here’s the ending of it.

John Pacheco – Jim, just a few final points about Mary before I sign off on this discussion. Regarding the Ark of the Covenant, you have to start to think of the Old Testament as actually being directly related and foreshadowing the New Testament. The Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments…the Word of God. Where was the Word of God in the New Testament? The Word of God, incarnate, is Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. Where did this Word of God conceive, take on human flesh, and stay for nine months? Mary’s womb. Mary is the living Ark. Both Jesus and Mary are exponentially more glorious than the Tablets of the Ten Commandments or the wooden ark of the old Covenant. How could they not be? Now, go back and read the reverence paid to the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament. I dare you to show me that it was “just a box”. In fact, why don’t you ask Uzzah in 2 Samuel 6:7 what the big deal was 🙂
So, if the old Ark was treated with such reverence by God’s people in the Old Covenant, what possible lame excuse can any self-professing Christian have for not AT THE VERY LEAST treating the living Ark with the same respect?
John Pacheco – ALL of the glory and power Mary has COMES FROM GOD ALONE. It is only because of HIM that she is favoured with it. But no power or glory given to her is greater can compare to actually having Jesus conceived in her womb. Mary was the Mother of God, because a mother is by the very definition, the “bearer of a person”.  Jesus was not a human person but a divine person. That is what orthodox Trinitarian theology teaches. I won’t ask you if you believe in the Trinity because I really am afraid of the answer. Because she bore the divine person, it makes her, by definition, the mother of God, because Jesus was a divine person which assumed a human nature. When the early heretics attacked Jesus, they did it through attacking Mary’s identity. Why do you think that is? And why are you, sadly, following their lead? Start to read what the early Christians believed about her, and stop the shallow and ignorant comments about your own Spiritual mother. You cannot have Jesus as a brother if you will not accept Mary as your mother. In heaven, Mary is still the Mother of Jesus, and still the Mother of God. Good luck in taking anything away from the Queen Mother that a loyal and loving son will always shower on her.
John Pacheco – And by the way, Mary was no whore. And I am not talking about the legal marriage that Joseph had to her. Any woman who conceives a child outside of marriage with another is a sinner. But Mary did not sin, because she had a spouse…the Holy Spirit. That is why she is called “Spouse of the Holy Spirit” because it was between the union of the Holy Spirit and the pure and undefiled and sinless creature that the Son of God was born. You want to make us believe that God would unite himself intimately with a polluted sinner? That’s blasphemy, my friend, and if you know what you are saying, it will cost you an eternity in hell for saying it, too. Remember, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit is deserving of a GREAT DEAL of respect. Next time you feel the need to vent about Mary, ask yourself whose Spouse made sure that Jesus was conceived in spousal love.

2 thoughts on “In Defense of the Queen Mother

  1. Well done John, you are an apologist. Very well written. Our Christian friends are helping , not Christians vs lions, but present Lib gov’t vs Christians.
    Vote em out.

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