In Defense of Benedict

From the Ubra-Liberal, National Catholic Reporter: Keeping the record straight on Benedict and the crisis

The New York Times Op-Ed:  A Papal Conversion

A Response to the New York Times   by Father Raymond De Souza:

“…The New York Times made available on its own website the supporting documentation for the story. In those documents, Cardinal Ratzinger himself does not take any of the decisions that allegedly frustrated the trial. Letters are addressed to him; responses come from his deputy. Even leaving that aside, though, the gravamen of the charge — that Cardinal Ratzinger’s office impeded some investigation — is proven utterly false.

The documents show that the canonical trial or penal process against Father Murphy was never stopped by anyone. In fact, it was only abandoned days before Father Murphy died. Cardinal Ratzinger never took a decision in the case, according to the documents. His deputy, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, suggested, given that Father Murphy was in failing health and a canonical trial is a complicated matter, that more expeditious means be used to remove him from all ministry….”


The New York Times has sunk to a new low in journalistic depravity.  Half truths, missing critical information, innuendo, suspect sources.  This thing is going to turn against them. I hope it’s the last nail in the coffin that brings this liberal rag down once and for all!

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