Feminists vs. Environmentalists

The National Post published a brilliant article by Cristina Alarcon. She points to the incoherence in the lefty belief system between contraception on demand and concern for the environment. As I discussed in an earlier post, the Pill is destroying the environment and our health.  But those bleeding-heart environmentalists haven’t yet been game to take on the feminists.  I think a time will come when they will cross swords.

Here’s a juicy quote from Ms. Alarcon’s article:

Is it that there is absolutely no better way to guarantee women’s reproductive choice? Or is there an attitude to the female body that is out of sync with ecological thinking and, if the truth be told, not concerned with real choices for women at all?

Think about it: if estrogenic contaminants aren’t good enough for rodents or fish, why would women consume them? How many women know that in 2005 the World Health Organization classified the contraceptive pill as a Group I carcinogen because of proven links with breast and some other cancers? Do they know that sex hormones can compromise the immune system?

How about recent findings that show the pill may skew the biological cues that help a woman choose a compatible mate? German researchers have linked the pill to female sexual dysfunction, and neurologists are concerned the progestin component may be affecting our ability to think. Alzheimer’s anyone?

Hmmmm.  The Pill is distoring women’s judgment in choose a mate?  Do you think that has anything to do with the ridiculous divorce rate?

Read her entire article here.

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