Immmigration and D&P at the Plenary

The relationship between Kenney and the bishops has been contentious in the past, with Kenney firing back at a letter from the CCCB’s justice and peace commission critical of anti-human smuggling legislation the commission feared risked harming refugees more than smugglers. Kenney accused the bishops of relying on bureaucrats who “cut-and-pasted” talking points from immigration advocacy groups.

Frankly, I trust Jason Kenny to apply Catholic social principles to the issue of immigration and refugees more than I do the bishops whose social justice clique is little more than the NDP with collars.   Massive fraud and terrorist activity seems to be completely off the radar with these bishops.  Can’t see any of the bishops being blamed when Canada has a major terrorist attack inflicted on it, can you?  That’s why the politicians do the politics and the bishops are supposed to do the religion.  Bleeding hearts don’t run countries.

The meetings on the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace have an hour dedicated to reports by the bishops on the agency’s board and from the Standing Committee for Development and Peace. (Source)

I wonder if we’ll see this on Salt + Light TV?   Boy, the ratings would sure sky-rocket during that hour.  But alas, that is likely not to be — unless, of course, our mole there gets us the audio that I’m hoping for.   Then it’s going to be a bonanza here at Socon or Bust.

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