MONTREAL – A new poll suggests a majority of Quebecers consider themselves racist. But the racism appears mild: 43 per cent of Quebecers said they’re only ”slightly” racist, while 15 per cent are ”moderately” so. Only one per cent described themselves as ”strongly” racist. (Source)Before they had even begun, Charles Taylor and Gerard Bouchard worried that the cross-Quebec series of open-mike hearings they were about to embark on would become a Pandora’s box of bigotry, to be pried open live and unfiltered on national TV. Now — six weeks after the 17-city “reasonable accommodation” road show got under way and derogatory remarks against Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and other religious minorities started flying — it seems that Quebecers think the chairmen were right to worry. (Source)

There is a good kind of nationalism and a bad kind of nationalism.

A good kind of nationalism is one that supports the propagation of a culture without denigrating or attacking other cultures or races.  There is such a moral option as saying: “We like this culture. We like this people. We like to maintain our cultural traditions.  In fact, in many areas of life, we believe our culture is superior to others.  We like to know where we came from and where we are going. We prefer our values to the values of other nations and cultures.” 

The problem with excessive immigration without integration (like we have in Canada) is that it threatens the social fabric of societies and cultures.  The most telling example of this in Canada is the case of the Quebecois.  And when that happens, you get the bad kind of racism that everyone fears.  When your own culture – the culture of your parents and grandparents – is being swallowed up by massive and irresponsible immigration where there is no requirement to integrate, it is only natural that those being swallowed up will lash out.    Why? Because they are slowly but surely losing the influence they once had.  This is true, especially, when those who are immigrating not only belong to a different race but a completely different world view.  And like any situation where a whole segment of a population is being removed from positions of influence and their way of life and values are being replaced, and in some cases, completely eradicated, one can only reasonably expect that things are going to get nasty.  After all, Hitler did not come to power because he did not have popular support.

In times past, when one nation or peoples sought to conquer another, there would be a war.  In our age, the conquest is not as dramatic or sudden and there is no loss of life, but the conquest is no less real.  The only difference, of course, is instead of being issued a declaration of war by our assailants, we issue citizenship papers to our would-be conquerors.  As Mark Steyn says, “demography is destiny.”  Indeed.

Why has this happened?  Because, like Quebec society in general, Canadians have treated fertility as a curse rather than a blessing.  While the death cult of abortion and contraception continue to run roughshod over our nation, nature reminds us that, whatever our views of sexual “liberation” or, more accurately – degradation is, a country still requires a steady population to sustain itself.

Refusing to reproduce and instead burying ourselves in our own selfish pursuits, we engage in our own form of imperialism – 21st century style – by coaxing and enticing (and really stealing) the best and brightest immigrants from other parts of the world.  Maybe now Bono and the rest of the clueless left might finally understand why the West gives diddly squat in aid to third world countries.  It serves our perverted sense of sexual liberation to ensure the immigration pipeline stays unencumbered.  After all, if these countries actually started to sustain themselves, what then?  They wouldn’t come here to keep our abortion culture going. And we could never allow that.

Back during the Nixon administration, the promotion of contraception in developing nations was used to ensure the prosperity of America.  That mentality has spread like a leprosy among all Western nations.  The problem, however, is the immigration pool is quickly drying up as the consequences of contraception and abortion is now only starting to be felt.

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