Immigration and the U.S. Bishops

By squeaker

Below is a fine Vortex episode from ChurchMilitant.TV

Immigration reform is a very complex issue. As Voris says, we can’t oversimplify it or ignore its moral ramifications. But it’s very disturbing that the U.S. bishops have come out so vocally on one side of this issue as if it was a no-brainer from the point of Catholic moral teaching. It isn’t. There are several pros and cons on both sides. Catholics can legitimately disagree on how to tackle this problem.

Sadly, the bishops are banalizing their office by using it as a soapbox for their personal opinions on policy matters, rather than sticking to the essentials of the Faith on which all Catholics must agree. When they do speak on definitive issues, it gets lost amid all the other news releases coming out each week and nobody pays attention. Canada has the exact same problem, by the way.

When you start speaking up on every issue under the sun, you become a noisy gong, a mere interest group or worse, a pseudo political party.

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