I’m Tired

Yesterday marked yet another dark day in this country’s history.  By treachery and treason, a pro-abort clique decided to honour this country’s most notorious mass murderer, Henry Morgentaler.

Most people didn’t know. And most of them simply don’t care.

I went to Parliament Hill yesterday to meet up with the 4MyCanada group who were there to convince the Governor General not to award the Order of Canada to Canada’s arch-abortionist. They never made it. Security stopped them from exercising their democratic rights. This is what the kids had to say about it:

Our team gathered on Parliament Hill with some signs that we felt would impart our message to the Governor General. For no obvious reason the Hill security was quite assertive (if not aggressive) with us, refusing to let our team raise signs anywhere near the Governor General’s proximity. The intimidation of the on-hill security was quite surprising considering we were very peaceful, everyone around us agreed with us and we live in a nation that is supposed to pride itself in free speech.

But I was there and so was my wife and four daughters. We waited for the Prime Minister and the Governor General. We prayed for our country, for the unborn, and even for our enemies.  Then we left.  I don’t know if many other people showed up for that purpose yesterday, but we were there on Parliament Hill among the generally clueless, even though we didn’t want to be.

I’m tired of fighting.

I’m tired of trying to convince people that they are killing their own future and their own freedoms.

I’m tired of trying to argue with people who can see the truth of what abortion is with their own eyes, but refuse to change their hearts on the most vicious and heinous act imaginable.

I’m tired of the ambivalent fools who believe that abortion is not their business.

I’m tired of the spineless politicians who punt the issue of abortion like it’s a political football not to be caught. 

I’m tired of the pro-abort cliques that really run this country.

I’m tired of fighting the lethargy and gross negligence in my own church and the bishops who treat abortion like an academic question. I am tired of trying to convince the bishops to repent and to acknowledge their own significant role in this holocaust when they told us that we could contracept in good conscience. 

I’m tired of the majority of my own parish church voting against me (and previous pro-life politicians), the only pro-life candidate on the ballot, even when I put up a sign to remind them of why they are going to church in the first place.

I’m tired of arguing with my own family about the importance of sacrificing for what’s right.

I’m so tired of the people who know what’s going on but are powerless to do anything about it.

I’m tired of spending too much time away from my own children with nothing to show for it.

I’m tired of people not giving a damn.

I’m tired of telling people in my own camp what needs to be done, and have it go through one ear and out the other.

I’m tired of evil always winning.

I’m tired of the unborn child being ripped apart in the womb over 275 times a day in this country, and not being able to do anything about it.

14 thoughts on “I’m Tired

  1. I read your “I’m tired” blog post and completely empathize with you. However, I must advise you that I have been waging a heavy war with evil for many years and can tell you that fatigue comes when you think you’re the one losing. Ego drives us to believe “we” must win, and “we” are the only ones who care… forget that. One man died so that millions could live – but He did so willingly and with full knowledge of the cost. So to, you must take a deep breath, enjoy your family and your cross, and stop thinking “you” are the one who fights the good fight. You’re not and your sacrifices are infinitely valuable and powerful, as long as you remember who you fight with. God bless and don’t lose heart. You are winning.

  2. ABORT the Governor General!!

    She’s just a toadie for Queen Elesbian II.
    Who really cares about anything they do now anyways, no-one would really miss them.

  3. William Wilberforce said, “abolishing the African slave trade became the grand object of my parliamentary existence if it please God to know me so far may I be the instrument of stopping such a course of wickedness and cruelty as never before disgraced a Christian country.”

    Wilberforce launched his campaign for abolition in 1787. He lived to see it succeed in 1833.

    He wrote a best selling book in the European languages titled,” A PRACTICAL VIEW OF THE PREVAILING RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF PROFESSED CHRISTIANS , IN THE HIGHER AND MIDDLE CLASSES IN THIS COUNTRY, CONTRASTED WITH REAL CHRISTIANITY.” This book helped change the minds of many people who called themselves Christians , but lived as pagans.

    We now live in such a time as this again.

    Edmund Burk, Wilberforce’s Parliamentary contemporary said of him, One man with conviction makes a majority, for by the courage of his convictions he gradually swung Parliamentary and public opinion around to support the abolitionist cause.

  4. Well my friend, we can be tired together.
    I did all I could the last 3 days as well, and like you it seems disheartening.

    I want you to know that it is not you or me, but it has been a slow desensitization of the church itself. Please allow me to explain.

    I have a little something to say, and it is a little about church history, and its slow secularization over the years, and why we see the Apostate church before our eyes today.

    What I have to say is directed to the Churches:
    The Church is the Problem for their lack of attention and action. What I say will seem to be harsh, but absolutely true. Maybe there is a little denial of the truth I am about to expose, but it is the truth nevertheless.

    Now, those that are in the church just follow the lead of the leaders, that is why they are called followers, so the church as you can and will see is still the problem. Although the followers can stand up and do something on their own without the blessings of the church, they just seem to do what they do best and just continue to follow. There seems to be no backbone anymore because the church lost the battle about 80 or 90 years ago when incorporation into Government came into play. Now, because of this fact, it is no wonder that the children, the family, our culture and the country of Canada itself begins to sink deep into a cesspool of despair and corruption.

    The church has been defeated as the government and the secular humanists well know, and have been defeated since the incorporation of the church began those many years ago. Instead of getting their benefits from God, the church now get’s their benefits from Government. These my friend are the facts. The Church does not rock the boat because of this fact. It is a sad truth.

    Anyone who thinks that there is such an animal called the separation of church and state is dreaming. The fact of the matter is the Church is married to the secular STATE (Government) simply through the incorporation and the charitable status, and I believe there is no fight left in the church simply for this reason. Whenever any minister, pastor, priest or bishop ever tells you that they are not allowed to do this, or we can’t do that because of the government, then they (the churches) are being controlled whether they want to believe it or not, and this is the underlying problem. The church is not allowed to speak or act freely anymore because of the incorporation. As a matter of fact the corporation act supersedes the Bible if there were ever a discrepancy in belief, thought, speech or deed in the church.

    The biggest challenge we have with the entire church is the incorporation factor that government has saddled the church with, and so we have the BIG RIGHT HAND of GOVERNMENT controlling the PUPPET which is the CHURCH, and I mean all churches who are incorporated. Oh yes, and in the BIG LEFT HAND of government we have the BIG STICK of Control, in case
    any of the controlled puppets (churches) get out of line or in this scenario GET OUT OF HAND.

    The church is gagged to say the least, and so they refuse to speak or be the light and salt in a dark and tasteless world of unrighteousness. And If they try to do the right thing in God’s eyes, it may jeopardize their corporation status. All they seem to do is tickle our ears and play the same unfortunate game of deception. I quite frankly am tired of it as well. Their continual copping out, giving up, and seemingly never taking a stand anymore for moral, or biblical principles is extremely disturbing to my Spirit, and I believe God is not pleased with their lack of action and involvement either.

    They (the church) as you well know could be under the thumb of any number of hate crime or corporation issues as well as the threat of losing their corporation and charitable status if they get out line and speak the truth about the issues of the day. I, as you, am sick and tired of the controlled church. All controlled churches not speaking out or dealing with the family, children’s, and political issues of the day will have their day of reckoning, but the damage would already have been done. . There is a very well known quote English philosopher Edmund Burke once said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ We are living this statement today in our culture, and Canada is going to hell in a hand basket. You on the other hand John, are one of those good men, my friend, who fights against evil, and for righteousness, so let’s keep fighting even if we were the only 2 families standing, which I know is not the case.

    The only way for the church to be strong again is to give up their corporation and charitable status, and be free of the bondage that has for so long crippled the church from speaking and doing the right thing.
    Maybe they will have the strength one day to say the words that Peter and the other disciples said to the religious leaders who wanted them to stop preaching in the name of Jesus. Here is the scenario; “Acts 5:27-29 And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them, Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s blood upon us. Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. ” (KJV)

    What is important is to stand, do and speak for righteousness, so when it is all said and done, and we have fought the good fight, our Lord will say to us as is stated in Matthew 25:21 “Well done, thou good and faithful servant….” (KJV)

    Let us continue to do the right thing and lift our heads high, regardless of those who should follow.

    Blessings to you and your family who sacrifice quality time doing good in God’s sight.
    Sincerely yours in the Lord.

  5. Please don’t give up, this is a fight that will not go away any time soon. The chattering classes and the left are powerful in this great country of ours. They see only themselves and that will never change. It’s sad but the best advice I can share is to pray and to keep praying that the Lord will rid us of this scourge.

  6. I have read your article “I am tired” and my heart went out to you, your wife and your daughters. I know that the passionate fire that God has placed in your heart is a difficult cross to bear but I also know that as you take time to ponder His amazing love for you and your family you will rise above the temptation of discouragement and rebuke the evil one who is looking to devour your soul as well as that of many unsuspecting souls.

    I also read the related comments and would like to say that I agree 100% with the great wisdom expressed in what Francis (1:47 pm) said as the devil would like nothing better than to win you over through discouragement. I often pray the St. Michael Chaplet for you and all who are in the forefront of the battle and also call upon the precious blood of Jesus to be a shield around you and your family.

    I also agreed with what the following people had to say especially the following excerpts:
    Garry Sahl (3:03 pm) – Edmund Burk, Wilberforce’s Parliamentary contemporary said of him, One man with conviction makes a majority, for by the courage of his convictions he gradually swung Parliamentary and public opinion around to support the abolitionist cause.
    AP (5:53 pm) – The only way for the church to be strong again is to give up their corporation and charitable status, and be free of the bondage that has for so long crippled the church from speaking and doing the right thing. – What is important is to stand, do and speak for righteousness, so when it is all said and done, and we have fought the good fight, our Lord will say to us as is stated in Matthew 25:21 “Well done, thou good and faithful servant….” (KJV)
    Let us continue to do the right thing and lift our heads high, regardless of those who should follow.
    Remember John that in this Spiritual Battle the Lord calls some to be in the forefront and others to be behind the lines praying up a storm. I do believe that prayer is essential in sustaining those who are in the front lines. Both are very much needed and both are calls from the Lord. What matters is that we respond to the inner promptings that He places in our hearts whatever they may be. His Divine Will is all that matters.
    Keep up the good fight and know that you are not alone even thought it may feel like you are.
    God bless you and let His Face shine upon you,

  7. I was also very busy e-mailing and keeping up to date since Saturday morning…many thanks for you blog for helping me. Naturally, I felt a big letdown with the announcement on Canada Day….what a bummer!

    Nevertheless unlike AP, I’m not as pessimistic with regards to the state of the Canadian Church this time. I know of at least two priests in Ottawa who encouraged people to get involved and contact the GG and MP’s in their Monday morning homilies ( in one case on the Sunday morning homily as well). Now we’re also getting some episcopal leadership from the Archbishops of Toronto and Ottawa in terms of Press releases encouraging involvement in pestering the politicians, media, etc. This would suggest that the tide may be finally turning.

    Now is not the time to give up. We need a veteran like you my friend to keep up the good fight. As one of the priests said in his homily: “man proposes but God disposes…..nothing is more important than the Mass” ..so let’s keep praying!

  8. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

    Take heart friend. God sees your efforts.

  9. Amen to what Kevin said. Thanks for the apt quote, Kevin, and thank you, John, for all you do and have done. Keep plugging away, and remember the medal of honour that Our Lady will one day place around your neck. I’m praying for you today.

  10. After fighting for years I too gave up on society. I still do and only got back in the ‘game’ from it’s addiction. I don’t blame you and I don’t have any solution. Perhaps after a break…..

  11. John,

    Don’t give up. We’re all tired. But so were the Canadians at Vimy Ridge and 2nd Ypres. (I’m sure you’ll recognize those names, just as any American will recognize Gettysburg.) They were worn out too, but they held their ground. Dalliaire lost in Rwanda, but he didn’t give up trying and earned, from this American at least, the greatest possible respect for his country. This battle is an even greater test than those of your forefathers. You can’t give-in any more than they could.

    But I’d suggest a change in tactics. Direct confrontation will ultimately fail. Join us in this:

    My home town is ground-zero in the American abortion battle. We started this style of fighting about 18 months ago. Just a couple of weeks ago, the first abortion center closed. This is the first time an abortion center has closed in years here. (I’m not taking credit – Deo gratias – it’s a joint effort amongst a great many people.)

    Fast with us on First Fridays. We spend time before the blessed sacrament each month, for the intention of ending abortion in this country. Our fasting is with the intention of ending abortion in this country as well. If you kick off an effort like this in Canada, those of us in Dallas will join you prayerfully as well.

    We’re all tired, but this Texan is a long damn way from giving up! E-mail me if you have questions or want support from here.

    You won’t win this battle on Parliment Hill. You’ll win it on your knees.

  12. This is written just to put your comments into perspective.

    We hear a lot about the European resistence to Nazism during WW2. If even a fraction of the number who claim to have resisted had actually done so many more Jews would have been rescued, far fewer nationals would have been sent into forced labour for ant-Nazi activity. Most of the claims to have participated are just bravado, a desire to reap the glories of having been part of the movement after the fact without doing anything at the time. In fact only, 5% of Europeans participated in any resistence activity. About the same number actually co-operated with the enemy and about 90%, most Christians among them, just put their heads down and tried to be inobtrusive so they wouldn’t be targetted.

    That 5% included every type of resistence, both extremely dangerous to relatively benign; stealing ration cards in order to use them to feed hidden Jews or nationals who were in hiding to avoid forced labour; something as benign as owning a hidden and illegal radio to listen to war reports on the BBC; producing flyers and propaganda papers telling the real facts about the war; hiding allied flyers and getting them back over the front lines; guerilla activity to thwart the German Army in the task of occupation and the most dangerous of all, hiding Jews, both adult and children, from capture.

    That last activity was done by perhaps 1%, if that. of the European population. By far the majority wouldn’t have exposed anyone to the Nazis outright but they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to rescue anyone either.

    My father who was in slave labour in Germany for two years used to tell us to “Make sure you are among the 5%.” That’s all we need to do in this battle as well, be among the 5%.

    Remember also that in the Gospel of John 16: 33 Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble but take heart! I have overcome the world.”



  13. As Vaclav Havel pointed out in the face of despair while in prison: All is not not lost, if I am not lost.

    If you allow “them” to change you, only then will you have lost.

    Where is the Book of Job when you need it?! God grant you strength – there is no other way.

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