“I’m personally pro-choice, but…”

We’ve all heard many politicians use cowardly cop-outs while conceding ground to the Culture of Death. One of the classic lines is “I’m personally opposed to [insert depravity here], but I can’t impose my beliefs on others.”

Well, the shoe was on the other foot last week for the March for Life. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson proclaimed May 10th as “Respect for Life Day” in Ottawa, as he did last year. This triggered some angry reactions from a few pro-choicers, who attacked the mayor on Facebook and Twitter. The mayor’s response was a new twist on a familiar theme:

“I am personally pro choice, but proclamations are not endorsements, & not issuing one could be violation of human rights code” (Source)

The mayor is no pro-lifer, but he’s no idiot either. When he sees thousands of his constituents lining the streets for the biggest annual protest in the country, he treads carefully.

To me, this is a sign that the pro-life stance is becoming increasingly mainstream and slowly making a comeback. Very good news indeed.

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