I’m Gonna Be

My girls are quite remarkable.  Check this little diddy that my older one put together with an IPAD and an App.

Hope you can all come out to the Children of Paraguay fundraiser on November 10.  They will be featured as one of the dancing performances!  You get to see them and other wonderful live entertainment  for $10. 

Proceeds to go to building a community centre in Paraguay

Socon or Bust is doing its part to restore authentic development and aid to the underdeveloped world.  Before eco-justice, there was Catholic charity.

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Credit:  Steven Curtis Chapman Cover Of The Proclaimer’s Original, “I’m Gonna Be“.  

Chapman’s label EMI signed a deal with YouTube here which makes the above video legit.

Don’t forget to financially support Christian artists.

3 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be

  1. That was soooo cute. I could not send it on because i dont have Facebook. But i sent the You tube info about this song to my two granddaughters. i think they will enjoy it.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful joyfilled tribute to life, love, family in the Pacheco household.
    It brought a big smile to my face, and a joly of joyfilled energy when I was feeling somewhat tired.

    God Bless you all
    In Jesus Mary and Joseph

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