I’m going to have to get back to you on that

This whole flap about the Canadian Star Chambers rally does show how the Left uses judicial subterfuge in immorally imposing itself on Canadian citizens.  Having failed to convince the electorate of their idea of human rights, they pack these kafka kourts with “judges” who will uphold and defend Canada’s protected classes (Feminists, Islamicists, Gay Militants) against the thought and speech criminals (Christians, Conservatives, Business).  In fact a quick survey of my little petition has showed that, indeed, those most interested in defending freedom of speech are not Leftists.  Out of 2,282 signatories to date, a whopping 51 describe themselves as liberal.  That’s 2.23488% if you are wondering.  Consider also the politicians who are championing free speech.  Keith Martin – though a Liberal M.P. – is  a libertarian at heart.  Any politican who can swing from Reform to the Liberal Party is not exactly a conventional socialist.  The other guy is Jason Kenney. Other Conservatives MPs are keeping their mouths shut, presumably because they are waiting for better political times to move against the Star Chambers — at least we all hope that is the reason.  As for the other parties, well, let’s just say it is rather predictable. 

The Liberals have stated Martin’s motion does not reflect the Liberal Party of Canada nor Dion’s position. “We support the Canadian Human Rights Act and we do not believe changes or amendments to the Act are warranted at this time,” said Leslie Swartman, a spokeswoman for Dion. “We do not support what Mr. Martin has done. Officials in our office have spoken to him, but Mr. Dion has not spoken to him about this specific item.” (Source)

Cue Stephanie:  “We don’t want to change the Human Rights Act this way. We don’t support that.” (Source)

And Flamin’ Jack says: “I’m going to have to get back to you on that. I’m sorry. We’ll have our Human Rights Critic get in touch with you.”

Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jack Layton, in another foyer scrum, talked about how pleased he was that Parliament passed a motion for Canada to intervene in the case of an Afghan journalist facing the death penalty. Layton said: ” Well, we’re very pleased that the House of Commons has adopted our motion to protest the death sentence that has been meted out to a young journalist in Afghanistan and we feel that it’s just simply not acceptable for Canada to stand back while the exercise of the freedom of speech is being greeted with such an horrific penalty and in the defence of journalists, in the defence of human rights, it was important that Canada speak up and speak up rapidly. I’m pleased that the other parties accepted our proposal and let’s hope that it sends a very strong message and that other countries will join in the global campaign that’s building around this particular case. (Source)

The Left has a real problem with understanding what true freedom really is.  It always has. It always will.

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