2 thoughts on ““I’ll shake your hand, but I only have one thing to say to you: Get out of Ukraine.”

  1. PM Stephen Harper is a lonely voice of reason & courage in a sea of political correctness and cowardice among Western leaders. God bless and keep him.

  2. Stephen Harper’s homosexual Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird got up in front of The UN,and declared all nations ought to homosexulize their schoolchildren,as human rights as Canada does.This statement says it all about Canada’s political apathy and indifference. Who was given The Order Of Canada under Harper’s rule? Harper ought to help Canadian School Children traumatized by Secular Pagan Sex Education by adult school teachers and homosexual etc., activists,as so-called human rights don’t you think,or does the secular popular media play you like puppet’s at their whim? Harper is light years above Trudeau and Mulcair “only” because of the majority of Traditional Values Politicians in his Party. He has a majority Government and can easily Legislate Righteous Morality, as most of his MP’s vote to pass Pro-Family Bills,but he and 17 others will not. See for yourselves how the politicians you elect to rule you,and your Kindergarteners vote on Bills on The Government Website http://www.parl.gc.ca. WAKE UP POLITICALLY,AND LEAVE THE KID”S ALONE!

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