Igniting the SoCon Movement

Over the past few years in Canada, we have seen an exponential growth in social conservative groups across this country. It has gone virtually unnoticed by the MSM which is a good thing in many respects. There are other movements – aligned to the social conservative movement but not overtly so – which are even more threatening to the secular, liberal establishment since they cut to the core of the current politically correct leftist crap.

These burgeoning movements are growing exponentially and very quickly. So, as in the case of the former Soviet empire, the transformation will happen virtually overnight. One day Canada is going to wake up and find itself a very socially conservative country. Oh, I know. It’s funny right now, but wait till it happens. There won’t be too many liberals laughing then. It is going to happen right beneath their noses and in and through the most unlikeliest of places.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things to help the socon movement in Canada along, but I cannot spare the time with family, work, and other professional committments to get involved too much. Still, I hope to finish some of my other extra-curricular activities in the coming months and devote more time to activism.

I really want to purse the idea of a social conservative convention with the capability of people around the country to view and participate in the proceedings over the internet. The technology is available to do this. This would increase participation since we could dispense with the high travel and registration costs normally associated with such an event for most of the participants. Of course, a modest facility would have to be rented and those who are financially capable and interested could still come for the actual conference, but for the vast majority of participants, this could provide a wonderful opportunity to participate at a fraction of the cost.
The purpose of the convention would be to share social conservative ideas and strategies to advance our agenda in Canada as well as to create and foster an economy of goods and services to allow social conservatives draw upon each others skills and talents, instead of paying full market rates and reinventing the wheel in many cases.

The other thing I would like to see happen is a National Prayer Breakfast, similar to the one in the U.S. to call upon God’s help and mercy for our country. I can see this being modelled on the U.S. one, with prominent religious leaders and politicians and regular citizens participating. It is important that people of faith demonstrate their spirituality in public so as not to allow the secularists to marginalize and shut down religious expression. Faith has a place in the public square. The secularists have no problem pushing their own religion. We should push back with our own.

3 thoughts on “Igniting the SoCon Movement

  1. I’ve also been thinking of the economics of social conservatism!

    We need to find a way to finance all this, and create a social conservative economy, not just get donations.

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