2 thoughts on “IgniteTV: Spark the Conversation

  1. I hope we can have an honest discussion about the Catholic faith in this country. One of the signs of “clericalism” in this country is the wooden language professional Catholics use to discuss anything that touches the culture war and orthodoxy. You have to hand it to Francis: it’s WISIWYG with him. No filter there. When Fr. Rosica called us “Taliban” at least it was honest. We need to cut the crap and get to the core of our problem. I want us to be able to talk to priests *for real*. Like “hey bishop, how come you don’t deny communion to this politician”? Or “why haven’t you renounced the Winnipeg Statement? Do you stand by it?” But the professional Catholics *know* they’re not going by Church doctrine or Canon Law, and that’s why they have to use a wooden language to defend themselves, and they *talk down to us*, like we *really wouldn’t understand*.

    I think Pope Francis’ pontificate is conducive to that.

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