If you’re a masochist and you know it…

… vote for Dalton.

Honestly, I’m shocked at recent polls showing McGuinty pulling into a virtual tie with the Tories in this election. Have Ontarians gone mad? Haven’t we suffered enough over the last 8 years? How many more times to we want to be lied to? Are we such useful idiots?

To be sure, Hudak has hardly been inspiring, but McGuinty has done too much damage. Judging from recent polls, I guess many Ontarians like pain. So let’s all sing along:

If you’re a masochist and you know it, vote for Dalton.

If you’re a masochist and you know it, then your vote is gonna show it. Vote for Dalton.


3 thoughts on “If you’re a masochist and you know it…

  1. One ought to vote and support the Politician who will teach others the truth scientifically using verifiable data, as he or she stands up for Traditional Family Values in the Legislature. William Wilberforce is a wonderful example of this. The hardest people to convince are the ones who call themselves Christians and prove themselves pagans by their own comments. The enemies of Christ know who to support and teach their children to support even using the popular media and school textbooks. They support the politicians who make sure their worldview will continue in Government, Law, education and filtering and influencing almost everyone. William Wilberforce wrote a book about this, ” A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Higher and Middle Classes in This Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity.” This man stood up for Genesis 1:27 in the Legislature . If we claim to know Jesus, then we ought to support and elect politicians who will pass Traditional Family Values Bills into Law in our Legislatures

  2. Premiere Mc Guinty ,as lied to us year after year ,he is nothing but evil ,joining with the force of evil and at the cost of our children and our grand children ,what kind of a man would do such horrible thing like this ,what is he trying to prove ,that he can overpower God ,one would think that his as a thing for kids ,that he is sexually attracted to them ,this is why he want to corrupt our children ,with the rest .We need to stop this man and his activist that are trying to destroy our children in our schools ,if he think we will not fight he has something coming to him ,does he really think we are going to teach this in our home ,our kids will get 0 on the report ,this i can promise you ,the will learn God s Commandment ,and we will tell them to argue with the teachers and they will be aloud to tell the teachers that they are telling lies and this is not what Jesus taught when He was here on earth .Our children will suffer greatly because of a man that was suppose to protect Ontario and family ,communities ,are churches ,he was suppose to be a man of honor ,but instead he became an abomination to the people of Ontario ,a man of disgrace to us Catholic and Christian .He will have his day with God ,what good is it to gain the world and lose you soul and he will bring many with him to hell .May God have mercy on Premiere Mc Guinty ………He children will remain Catholic no matter what he says ,we will teach our children that we are being force to do this evil sex education ,they will not foul our children or us with there evil ways .

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