4 thoughts on “If you won’t stand up to the Mullahs

  1. The answer is Pacheco: Liberals who give into polar opposites on the spectrum: right-wing extremists as exemplified by those people who shut down the film, and left-wing nutjobs who want to strip rights and freedoms from people like Catholics and unsecularized Christians everywhere.

    Well that’s not entirely true as we have a federal progressive “c”onservative minority government, but then again Harper has to be on his toes till he wins a majority in Parliament, and even then there’s certain things he won’t do, like touch abortion with a 200 foot pole. He vowed that himself, not my words.

  2. The Federal Conservative Party has many good people like Rod Bruinooge, and one ought to check how ones MP voted on pro-family Bills in Parliament. It is ones responsibility as a citizen. Although the Federal Conservative Party has a handful of Neo-Conservative liberals, the majority votes morally well compared to all the other Federal Parties combined. If Harper was in my district I could not vote for him, but I do have a member of the Federal Conservative Party who I will vote for because of the way he votes in Parliament. He votes well because the majority of the members of our riding tell him too. In a democracy the citizens are accountable and responsible for the laws of the land. There are some culture warriors fighting the good fight and getting involved in politics, but wouldn’t it be grand if the majority did. We have won some victories, but we could win a lot more if our people really gave a rip. We need more concerned citizens to get involved in politics where Bills are passed or rejected by majority vote. I hope Harper is forced to change his tune by the members of his riding. Many of them call themselves Christians. I believe he and his family also do. The Lord gave us volition; please use it well. You will have to give an account.

  3. Garry, too many people are not giving a damn and are too busy being selfish and material to care about politics. They only care about “money in my pocket” without understanding what it takes to protect it. And when they don’t go to vote at all you wonder why Canada is so screwed up.

  4. You are right but we must continue to act and pray for them without ceasing. Perhaps more will join us as the late professor Tom Landers believed.

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