If men can marry men, they should be able to marry multiple partners

On what objective basis can any court deny it, now that it has accepted “gay” marriage?  Every argument put forward to advance gay “marriage” can be put forward to advance any relationship between two or more people….as we Socons have said for years.

Nobody wanted to listen.  Now women are going to suffer and pay the price.

Male-females, Female-males, Males-Males, Females-Females.

It’s all about rights.

2 thoughts on “If men can marry men, they should be able to marry multiple partners

  1. When the lawyers and Bulldogs of the so-called Civil Liberties Unions Separated Christianity from Education, Law , Government, and thus Western Culture, these consequences of Paganism that we now have had to be the new reality. The Christian conscience was observed by the majority of Canadians, even those who did not worship regularly in edifices called Churches.
    Our society has been educated to conform to a new worldview. The Religious Humanists that control our education establishments have made many disciples in every profession, and thus have become exceedingly powerful.
    John Dewey, The Father of Western Education, wrote a book about how this was to be accomplished titled,” A Common Faith”. This is how he ended the book, “Here are all the elements for a religious faith that shall not be confined to sect, class,or race. Such a faith has always been implicitly the common faith of mankind. It remains to make it explicit and militant.” That is exactly what they have accomplished.
    In democracies, the people have the right and power to come together to change this trough the political process, if they so desire.

  2. We can read the writing on the wall of up-coming multiple partner marriages. I think we’ll have new allies once the corporate world realize the huge financial burden through employment benefits they’ll have from sitting on the fence or promoting gay marriage. It’s nice to know their progressive ideas are coming back to bite them in the ass.

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