If the Catholic Media Loses Its Salt….

Msgr. Weisgerber’s interview with Fr. Tom Rosica of Salt + Light TV is now online.

You can view it here.   The section of the interview which deals with the Development & Peace scandal occurs between 12:34-26:31.

The interview with Archbishop Weisgerber was recorded prior to the release of the CCCB’s report of its investigation into the pro-abortion advocacy partners of Development and Peace. The interview is peppered with the same outright denials of not only what has not been alleged (i.e. funding abortion services) but also of what has been alleged (i.e. funding abortion groups).  Sadly, Msgr. Weisgerber does this throughout the interview, claiming there is “no evidence” to the allegations.  In fact, at one point, he says that there is “no evidence that some of these websites (i.e. LSN) have even talked to the groups in question“.  Of course, this is false as Matthew Hoffman, LSN’s main Latin American correspondent, has had several direct interviews with representatives of these pro-abortion organizations.  

Once again, the Archbishop also tries to discredit the messenger by stating, “When things appear on websites, they have a truth simply because they are there.” Kris Dmytrenko of Salt + Light makes a similar claim in the blog post where the video is posted:  “Archbishop James Weisgerber similarly cautioned against uncritical reading of online sources. Perhaps we’ve trained ourselves to believe that if information is published—even if it is self-published, like this blog post—then it must meet rigorous journalistic or academic standards. Understandably, we readily trust pro-life or faith-related media from like-minded authors.”

While the claim of the necessity of having rigorous journalistic standards goes without saying, the statements made by both of these gentlemen is made to try and discredit blogs and web-based news services like LSN simply because they don’t fit into the conventional “official news media”.  That’s the implication of these absurd comments, the irony of which is not lost on Mr. Dmytrenko (note his comment above “like this blog post”).

First of all, it is the blogs and this “new media” that are at the forefront of exposing the corruption and lies of government and other civil and religious authorities.   People familiar with the whole controversy of Human Rights Commissions in recent years can certainly attest to the power of the bloggers.  So can Dan Rather.  Remember him?  And why did they go down?  Because something was posted on a website or a blog?


Because it was true.  Just like the allegations against Development & Peace are true. In fact, that’s why the “old media” and the authorities in question do not like the new media because they can no longer control if, or when, or how the message is conveyed.

But this is all beside the point:  We do not give credence to a story simply because it is on a website, Msgr. Weisgerber. We give credence to a story based on 2 things:  1) the credibility of the organization making the allegations and 2) the actual evidence being presented.   Both of these criteria are more than well established in investigating and reporting on Development & Peace’s abortion scandal. In fact, it is not LifeSiteNews that is going to have their reputation tarnished by this whole scandal when it is all said and done.  No.  Rather, it’s going to be those news organizations who have ignored the evidence and accepted at face value the denials of Development & Peace

In fact, I invite Salt + Light to SHOW THE EVIDENCE that has been uncovered, and provide balance to their news coverage on this whole scandal which has, thusfar, been completely lopsided in favour of Development & Peace.  Otherwise, next time there is a controversy in the Church, why would people turn to Salt + Light for the truth, if S&L is not going to, as Mr. Dmytrenko says, “meet rigorous journalistic or academic standards” in investigating a story? 

Msgr. Weisgerber then continues on to question the identity of LSN and myself: “I don’t know these websites…I don’t know who owns them…who runs them…to whom they are accountable…”  There is a subtle effort here by the Archbishop to drive a wedge between the pro-life Catholic community and LifeSiteNews by abusively invoking his episcopal authority.  LifeSiteNews has been around since 1997 and their reporting is incredibly valuable to the pro-life community here in Canada and around the world.  I’ve been around for many years in the pro-life, pro-family struggle.  Despite this, the Archbishop incredibly asks “who are these groups?”  The problem for the Archbishop, however, is not that people don’t know who we are. The problem is that we don’t know who HE IS – because he and most of his brother bishops have largely abdicated their leadership role in the pro-life struggle for the past 40 years ever since they judasized us with the Winnipeg Statement and continue, remarkable as it is, to make excuses for it and themselves.

Yet now that this whole abortion scandal has erupted, he wants to invoke his magisterial authority to deny the evidence and deny the Catholicity of those who dare to  faithfully point to the scandalous evidence?

That takes a lot of episcopal chutzpah, if you ask me.

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” (Matt. 5:13)


4 thoughts on “If the Catholic Media Loses Its Salt….

  1. Once again, the Bishop and Salt and Light decide to shoot the messenger.

    Regardless of who made the allegations (even if it was some drunken sailor on a pirate ship), they key point is that they are TRUE and can be independently verified by anybody with Internet access.

    This is preposterous, unacceptable and disgusting.

    Fr. Rosica, who was one of the architects of World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, is disgracing himself. Father, I think that Pope John Paul II would be ashamed of you.

  2. I cut my subscription to Salt & Light TV last month because of substandard programming and value for $. I was never really comfortable with their approach. I didn’t feel comfortable with their softball interview with Dalton McGuinty either. It looks like I made the right decision for a completely other reason now.

    Anyone who is cheerleading for D&P, as Salt + Light is doing, is taking a very big risk about their credibility. Doesn’t Fr. Tom understand why most bishops are taking a very low profile on this until the whole thing is settled? They know if they attach themselves too much to D&P, they risk losing their own credibility when the dust settles.

  3. I think S&L has lost their credibility as a legitimate news organization. It’s fine to be loyal to the bishops, but when the evidence is so overwhelming, you have to cut bait. Look what happened to the Legionaires and Maciel. That went on for YEARS before the Holy Father finally pulled the plug. Are we going to wait for years for the bishops to wise up and pull the plug on D&P?

    Salt + Light has to understand that this is no game. If they are going to report on this scandal, they need to do so fairly and transparently. Otherwise, they’ll just be considered (and really that’s all they are right now anyway) nothing more than mouthpieces for Development and Peace and the bureaucracy of the CCCB.

    Just ask yourself one simple question: if D&P and the CCCB ever concede the evidence, just how would they have ever have found out about this scandal with the current “Catholic press”? None of this would have been exposed because it would have been suppresed immediately by the lavendar mafia before it ever saw the light of day.

    This only shows the necessity of having loyal Catholic bloggers and independent news services like LifeSite who put the boots to the baloney when they find it.

    As Catholics we are under obedience to the bishops, but the bishops are likewise under obedience to the Truth.

    If they won’t concede the truth, we are under no obligation “in good conscience” to defer to them.

  4. I have never subscribed to Salt + Light but do subscribe to
    EWTN which is God centered and not “puffed up”.

    I just did not like the procedures that Salt+Light used to get itself set up on the television. I don’t believe there was a demand for the type of programming they offer. They used various Catholic organizations for funding and promotion which, to me, was “birds of a feather.”

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