If it’s bad in here, don’t ask what it’s like out there

Since many people only know what the media tells them in screaming headlines, they would be shocked to learn of the finding of one federal study that sexual misconduct perpetrated by personnel in public schools is an almost incomprehensible 100 times worse than that perpetrated by abusive Catholic priests. Commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education as part of the No Child Let Behind Act of 2002, the report, prepared by Hofstra University Professor Carol Shakeshaft, found that between 6 and 10 percent of public school students have been the victims of sexual misconduct. Although its methodology has been criticized by some, its bottom-line documentation of a clear, present, and alarming risk to America’s public school students is unassailable.The report, however, received relatively minor interest from the media. For example, the National Catholic Register reported that, following its issuance, the 61 largest newspapers in California published 2,000 stories about sexual abuse at Catholic institutions in that state and only four about the findings of the federal report.

Last October, The ASSOCIATED PRESS released a comprehensive report, meticulously researched by a team of reporters, substantiating that very same danger facing unsuspecting children in America’s public schools. Perhaps the most telling finding was that of a “deeply entrenched resistance” to discovering or combating the sexual abuse of students. This, the AP found, led to “very few” abusers being apprehended while the rest simply leave the district and resurface elsewhere….(Source)

Why should we be shocked at this?  Does anyone who has a brain think that the abuse is restricted to the Catholic Church? If anything, it shows that the culture around the Catholic Church is exponentially far worse.  I’m not excusing what some priests did, but let’s get a reality check here, folks.

The media’s #1 public enemy is the Catholic Church.  Abuse by teachers or anyone else doesn’t get reported in the same fashion. It takes away from the focus on the Catholic Church, after all, and we couldn’t have that.

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One thought on “If it’s bad in here, don’t ask what it’s like out there

  1. The media reports sexual abuse by catholic priests more often because the catholic church claims to be a moral institution.

    No one denies that children are sexually abused by other institutions or other individuals.

    Having said that, I agree that the media needs to report *all* abuse perpetrated by everyone, so that society knows how often it occurs.

    Maybe then folks will be outraged and do something to protect the children!!

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