If Catastrophe were to strike…

I was sitting at a table in a senior’s home recently, enjoying the conversation of a couple of elderly men. They were talking about how they stored food throughout the winter on the farm when they were children. As I listened to their stories, it dawned on me… the last couple of generations have no clue how to survive any longer on their own!We have lost the wisdom of the ages, learned and passed on from generation to generation over millennia. Those skills of how to build, hunt, plant, grow, reap… yes, survive—without the help of technology—are nearly all but gone for most of Generation X and the succeeding generations in the Western world.


Don’t get me wrong—I’m not against progress. But there is something ominous about the current situation. In the Western world, we live on the grid. That is, we depend entirely upon the state or corporations to provide us electricity and heat (or power for air conditioning.) Furthermore, we depend upon “the system” for our food and most of our material things. Few of us actually provide for ourselves from our own resources, something most generations did to some degree up until this past generation…(More)

Remember what happened to us a few years back when the power went out in Ontario and in the Northern part of the U.S.?

I’ve been thinking about this somewhat lately as well.  If everything goes belly up in some kind of catastrophe, what would you do? Could you survive?  Not sure about you, but I’d have a hard time.   Farming?  Are you kidding? Still, I think conservatives would be better off.  After all, we still have intact families, for the most part.  As for liberals, they’d be screwed.    If the State isn’t taking care of them, then nobody would help them.  Everyone knows liberals don’t help liberals when it’s everybody for themselves.

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