I told you. We’re coming.

Pray, Fast, Witness…Stand for Life!  

Greetings Everyone!

The 40 Days for Life Campaign is now in high gear as our parish and church reps fan out across the city to promote the Campaign in their
individual parishes.  Let us pray to the Lord that their efforts bear fruit, and that Christians accept the challenge placed before them.
Let us also pray in a particular way that our Apostles in the French campaign find a real breakthrough
in the francophone community.

Here are some updates….

1) Sign Up! – You can give our campaign a real boost by signing up RIGHT NOW. Help us fill in those spots EARLY to take the pressure off
as we approach February 25.  Commit now. Commit often.  In particular, we would appreciate the earlier slots to be filled in order to give us
some breathing room as we move forward. Try and concentrate on February and the first week of March if possible. And remember to
recruit, recruit, recruit!!!

Sign Up Here:

2) Parish Days – During the last campaign, we encouraged parishes to take whole days as a way of filling empty slots.  So far, we are off
to a blazing start with St. John the Apostle, St. Mary’s (Our Lady of Good Counsel), and St. Maurice booking their days.  That’s a great
sign, for sure. But the gauntlet has been thrown down. We’re waiting for other parishes to pick it up and submit their own days.  This is a
great way of building parish community spirit and unity in the service of witnessing for the unborn.

3) Full Steam Ahead 24/7 – During the Campaign’s Information Meeting night last week, the parish representatives voted overwhelmingnly to
continue the 24 hour vigil DESPITE the colder winter weather.  I was rather shocked to see the grit and determination of the people
assembled. It made be proud to be part of this Campaign and the Faith of its participants. But the real test is going to come when we have
to fill in those early morning hours. … Gentlemen, gentlemen, please take the time to access your manliness and show a little grit
by taking some of those early hour slots NOW. We need to get a good indication of the participation rate.

4) Media Campaign – Our first ad went up late Sunday Night.  We purchased space on LifeSiteNews.com who is carrying our banner in the
top right hand corner of their website. Check it out here:


They are running the ad until Apr. 5, when the campaign ends.

We’d like to do much more, of course, like shaking up Ottawa’s radio waves. But that takes money and lots of it.  Lots of money will mean a
whole lotta shakin’ go on! Please be generous.

I’ve put the banner on the 40 Days for Life (Ottawa) site too.  I encourage you to copy the banner to your blog or website (if you have
one) and link it to the 40 Days website.  Spread the word!

5) Website in Continual Flux:  The 40 Days for Life (Ottawa) website is always in a state of change and flux: new links, new look, new
features, etc. Always on the move to better serve you!  A few updates on this front….

a. French Site: The French site is still under construction but we’ve made some progress and it’s got basic functionality.  Check it out here:


b. Endorsement Link: Check out the link below. It’s the page we’re using to collect endorsement from Church and other pro-life leaders in
Canada in support of 40 Days for Life.  We’re having “challenges” in getting 40 Days for Life into certain regions of the country. This
page helps us establish legitimacy so if you hear or see a prominent leader in the Christian community speaking favourably about the
Campaign, email me so we can cite them on this page.

Endorsement page link:

c.  March for Life – Exodus 2009 – Remember folks, the 40th anniversary of abortion is quickly approaching. Mark your calendars
for Thurs. May 14, 2009.  Book the day off work. Do it TODAY. Do not delay. We’re gonna March. It’s going to be massive!  It’s going to be
dramatic! It’s going to change Canada forever….


d. C-351: We are going to try and promote this initiative between 40 Days for Life Campaigns.  Please pray about it and consider bringing
your church into this initiative.


e. Breast Cancer Link to Abortion?  Yes. There is. Check out Niagara Right to Life & LifeSite’s slick new series here:



John Pacheco
40 Days for Life (Ottawa)

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