I See Dead People

We’re all dead, didn’t you know? We just haven’t realized it yet, like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense.

Back in 2007, some climate “scientists” were predicting that global warming was going to cause so much damage, that by 2012 about 4.5 billion people would have died from it.

Runaway Global Warming promises to literally burn-up agricultural areas into dust worldwide by 2012, causing global famine, anarchy, diseases, and war on a global scale as military powers including the U.S., Russia, and China, fight for control of the Earth’s remaining resources.

Over 4.5 billion people could die from Global Warming related causes by 2012, as planet Earth accelarates [sic] into a greed-driven horrific catastrophe. (Source)

That’s billion with a “b”. That amounts to roughly 1 billion per year, which means that virtually the entire planet should be wiped out by now. Most of us look pretty good for dead people.

The former New York Yankee catcher, Yogi Bera, once said: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Climate alarmists have been making cataclysmic predictions for years now. As time goes by, we get to look back on those predictions and see how off-base they were, which is ultimately what will put the final nail in the coffin of man-made global warming fear mongering.

The biggest problem with these global warming myths is that they have completely hijacked all environmental efforts, with all firepower being directed to CO2 emssions. The funny thing about CO2 is that it’s non-toxic and perfectly harmless.  Each of us exhales a mouthful with every breath. We’ve totally forgotten and neglected real pollution, like lead and hormones in our water, smog in our cities, mercury in our high-efficiency light-bulbs, unknown chemicals in the crap that’s made in China, etc.  Those are dangerous toxins, but nobody has time for that because everybody is obsessed with CO2. So we’re mass producing toxic mercury-based light-bulbs to save us harmless CO2.

Hopefully the failed predictions will allow us to refocus to real pollution.

2 thoughts on “I See Dead People

  1. FYI:

    If you look at other planets, their atmospheres have much higher levels of CO2 than Earth’s. They also don’t have any life on the planet.
    Oxygen is one of the key factors in having a life-supporting planet, and higher levels of CO2 means lower levels of O2 (it has to come from somewhere).

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