One thought on “I just want to scream

  1. The new Western religion and worldview of Politically Correct Relativism in government , law and education, teaches that all worldviews are equally true and beneficial, with their own Politically Correct Relativism, by decree and enforcement being the best. Kind of a Western PC Jihad of their own. It excuses all false worldviews and deceases as beneficial, and acknowledges their own view as the great unifier. They pat themselves on the back for solving the mystery’s between cultures, so they believe. Thus Politically Correct Relativism by decree and enforcement is becoming as corrupt as any other false worldview has ever been. The Islamic Jihad starting in the seventh century conquered half the known world in a short time and ruled for centuries, and large groups of Muslims from that time have been allowed to live and worship their god in those countries, without infidel taxes or dismemberment. In the guise of separation of church and state, Politically Correct Relativism conquered Western Christianity, in Government, Law and Education and replaced it in the Western World with it’s Jihad in a very short time, that is as corrupt as any other has been.

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