“I had to eat the costs” – Bishop Henry

In this excellent interview with Bishop Fred Henry concerning the Levant-Soharwardy-Star Chamber saga,  Deborah Gyapong reports:

Henry said one of the flaws of the current human rights process is that “you must defend yourself and that usually means hiring a lawyer.” If the complainant drops the case, you could be left feeling “you’re holding the bag, having spent x number of dollars defending yourself.”

Henry faced thousands of dollars in legal fees. Like Levant, he contemplated suing to recover the costs, but decided against it because it would have been a public relations disaster.

“I had to eat the costs.”  (Source)

It seems to me that there is a lot of forced-feeding going around these days in this country.  I would be surprised if the good Bishop was not on the hook for over $10K. Now that’s chump change compared to what Ezra has to fork up, but it does highlight how these kafka kourts have been milking Canadians dry for decades now.

It’s a good thing that Ezra and the Bishop didn’t let the food go down….

Personally, I believe that the government of Canada and the provincial governments should be held liable for their immoral plundering and the cruel and unusual punishment they have put Canadians through.

 Every. red. cent. plus. compound. interest.

And, believe me, if there was a way, I would support going after each of the individual “judges” to hold them accountable for their participation in something so clearly immoral.  They should not be allowed to hide behind the law when it is eventually overturned.  They know or they should have known that what they were doing was wrong.  And they – the so-called “judges” and the accusers – should be made to pay for it.  

Let’s see how they like it when the kafka jackboot is on the right foot.

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