“I didn’t make any effort…”

In this line of questioning by Douglas Christie, he prods Ms. Rizk on the efforts she made to identify the people who posted the objectionable, racist contents on the Stormfront message board.  After a short pause, and almost surprised by the question and perhaps a little bit embarrassed too..or maybe not, she says:

“I didn’t make any effort to identify the people who were posting messages.”

That wasn’t in the official training protocol, Ms. Rizk?  Slipped through the cracks, did it? So, in other words, CHRC spies and other relevant parties to this case could be trolling the site and calling our MPs and Senators racist garbage all the while knowing that Ms. Rizk would “download the information from the site” and then use that to proceed against a website owner?  Is that right? 

After this rather remarkable admission, Christie does what any good lawyer would naturally do: proceed to ask the witness to consult the Commission file to find out what posts in particular were considered principal evidence of “hate”, and more importantly to dig into the possible identity of those posters.  When he asks the witness about this, she gives a very lame excuse, to which Christie says:

“Were you given access to the file so you could answer completely?”

to which Ms. Rizk says,

“I wasn’t given the file”.


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