I cleaned out enough apartments of men who’d died of AIDS

…So why the code of silence from LGBT leaders? I can only speculate from where I’m sitting. I cherish my mother’s memory, but I don’t mince words when talking about how hard it was to grow up in a gay household. Earlier studies examined children still living with their gay parents, so the kids were not at liberty to speak, governed as all children are by filial piety, guilt, and fear of losing their allowances. For trying to speak honestly, I’ve been squelched, literally, for decades….(Source)

Doesn’t fit the Gay Agenda’s meme, does it?  Great article. Read it all.

One thought on “I cleaned out enough apartments of men who’d died of AIDS

  1. Our laws are made by Politicians passing Bills into law,therefore Politics is simply a reflection of the Character of the majority. In a former Christian democracy in Government, Law and Education, the citizens are still politically responsible for the laws of the land.

    Be careful what you legalize, as it becomes a human right and social justice normalized to impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten. The school is the most competent of social engines for it directs young minds through the teachers guidance.

    Concerned Parents and citizens of all faiths and agnostics did politically unite across Canada from 2005 to 2008, and changed rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court of Canada law of 2005 in 2008, by forcing Parliament to Pass a Bill into Canadian Law in 2008 raising the age of sex consent. Thus closing the legal loophole in Parliamentary, and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005 that made Canada a sex trafficking playground for predators and pedophiles, by human right and social justice.

    Politicians pass Bills into law by majority vote, therefore Political involvement is necessary. Politics is a reflection of the character of the majority. In a former Christian democracy Political involvement is still necessary.

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