Hypocrisy cannot stand long…

MONTREAL (CP) – Liberal Leader Stephane Dion indicated Sunday he’s readyto crack the whip at his caucus when it comes to this week’s vote onsame-sex marriage. “Indeed, to me it’s a matter of rights and you don’t pick and chooserights,” Dion told a news conference when asked about the first thornyissue to prick his newly minted control of the federal Liberal party. The federal Conservatives plan to introduce a motion revisiting thesame-sex marriage issue this week in the Commons. Coming at the tail-end of Parliament’s fall session with minimal debate,it appears the government hopes it will be cleared off the politicalagenda before Parliament breaks for the holidays – and before they haveto face voters again.


Yawn. We lost SSM when we accepted contraception. The rest is just necessary gravy.

If contraceptive sex is good for the goose, it’s good for the gander.

Take ye the splinter out of your own eye so that you can see better in having a logical basis to oppose same-sex “marriage”. If you’re practicising virtual sodomy i.e. contraception, then don’t complain that the laws are just adjusting themselves to be consistent.

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