Huxley & Orwell

Actually both Huxley and Orwell apply today….even at the same time.

The West is losing its freedoms to totalitarian influences in part because it is simultaneously masturbating itself away.

We’re too busy having fun to notice that our pleasure is enslaving us and giving control to the State.

The State doesn’t have to resort to thug tactics, for the most part and certainly not on the majority of the population .  In fact, most of our freedoms are being bought and paid for with sugar.  We give up our freedoms and the State gives us the sugar i.e. socialism.

In some ways, Huxley and Orwell represent two sides of the same coin, and they parallel capitalism and communism which also represent the opposite sides of the same coin.  While they are different in form, they share the same substance.

They operate under the same basic principle that man is not an end but only a means.  They operate under the principle that God does not exist.  And that man has no intrinsic dignity other than utility alone – an instrument to be used for manipulation and/or gratification, and then when their usefulness is no longer present, to be discarded like garbage.

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